Scafati, dies at the age of 59 outside the emergency room: it was closed for work

The mayor’s complaint on social media: “It is very serious, reopening the first aid point in the hospital immediately”

A 59-year-old woman died outside the emergency room of the Mauro Scarlato hospital in Scafati, which has been closed for work for a few months. The mayor of Scafati Pasquale Aliberti reported the episode, explaining how the woman’s husband “attempted a cardiac massage” while waiting for aambulance “alerted by the Municipal Police” but “arrived after over half an hour”.

“What has happened is very serious – states Aliberti – and whoever must intervene must do so as soon as possible, to prevent similar tragedies from occurring again. We must immediately reopen the first aid point in the ‘Mauro Scarlato’ hospital, whose the works have been completed some time ago, and the 118 service urgently needs to be reorganisedensuring that in a city like Scafati, and in a region like Campania, the same service is ensured by suitable healthcare personnel”.

The emergency room of the Scarlato hospital in Scafati has been closed for modernization works since last June and the tragedy occurred right outside the hospital, where the woman apparently suffered the fatal illness. “We will follow the matter and, if the family deems it appropriate, we will constitute ourselves as a civil party in the matter” concludes Mayor Aliberti, who will meet the leaders of the Salerno ASL on Friday to discuss the problem.