Scandal! Pamela Díaz reveals how she left the "half shit…" for a simple "I like"

Pamela Diaz, the popular Chilean communicator, surprised everyone with an explosive confession during her YouTube program, Sin Edit. In the middle of an interview with the actor Nicolás Oyarzún, the Fiera revealed a love scandal that involved her partner, Jean-Philippe Crettonand a simple action on social networks: the famous “like”.

During the interview, Díaz asked oyarzun if he was jealous, to which he replied no. But the actor’s response was what triggered the confession of the Beast: “It’s logical. If you like someone. It’s happened to me and it bothers me. I left the half shit… the other time, because Jean Philippe liked a mine that didn’t seem to me and didn’t correspond, poh”, Pamela pointed out.

The situation left everyone in shock, and the guest of the Fiera, Nicolás Oyarzún could not hide his astonishment.

But the communicator continued to explain her position regarding the “likes” on social networks: “If I like someone, that person can like me and there they can have a match and tomorrow that match can be a conversation or something. If you are in a couple, you have respect, but when you finish you know that something can happen and I think that”, added.

Díaz explained that, as a jealous person, she considered it inappropriate for her partner to “like” other women’s photos. And to top it off, Pamela made it clear that she is not one to “like” other men’s photos.

The confession generated nervous laughter from those present, including Jean Philippe Cretton, who was at the interview.