Scarlett Johansson against artificial intelligence: “App steals my image”

The actress sues after the broadcast of an advert produced with an application

Scarlett Johansson against artificial intelligence. The actress is suing the app for using her name and image for an online advertisement without permission. In a 22-second video produced by the Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar app, which produces ’90s-style images, Johansson appears backstage at the premiere of the film Black Widow. Then, the images generated by artificial intelligence are inserted and the actress, with a reproduced voice, advertises the app. The disclaimer ‘images produced by Lisa AI. They have nothing to do with this person’ was not enough to calm the actress’s anger. Kevin Yorn, the star’s lawyer, as reported by Variety, took the stand: “We do not take these things lightly. According to our usual line of conduct in these circumstances, we will handle the matter with all the legal tools at our disposal,” he said. ‘lawyer

Johansson is not the only actress to have denounced the ‘theft’ of her image and name for advertising purposes. In September, Tom Hanks published a post on social media to deny her involvement in a financial-themed commercial: “Attention!… I had nothing to do with it,” the actor wrote.