Scarnecchia: “I had a heart attack in front of the Cathedral: there was a doctor, he saved me”

The former footballer, now a chef, says from his hospital bed: “Surgery at the last minute”

Roberto Scarnecchia, former Roma footballer and now chef, risked dying in front of the Duomo due to an illness. It is he, from the hospital bed, who tells what happened. “I’m speaking to you from a hospital bed. On Sunday the 3rd at around 10 pm, I had I had a heart attack while crossing the Milan Cathedral. I had parked the car to go to the hotel and I felt a huge pain in my chest, I sat on the steps of this wonderful monument, I was there and I said if my life really has to end now, they will take photographs of me with a historical monument behind me , but luckily it didn’t happen that way because I’m talking to you”, he says in the stories published on Instagram.

“An engaged couple passed by, he was a doctor, he saw me sitting on the steps and asked me if I was okay, if I had eaten, I told him no, and then he immediately called the ambulance which took me to ’emergency at San Luca in Milan and at 1 am they performed heart surgery on me and saved my life,’ he adds.

“There are many types of heart attack. This was taken absolutely at the beginning, it was an infarction of the paths that lead the artery to the coronary arteries, there are three paths and one of these was completely occluded, not due to cholesterol but probably for a while ‘of tiredness and stress which can happen to anyone”, he explains, recounting what happened with great clarity.

“So they took me by the hair a bit, my heart had been in pain for a couple of hours, before he came in with the probe to free the blocked artery and put a stent on me, because the others were free, and let’s say that everything went well: I never lost consciousness, I was always awake, I didn’t vomit, I didn’t have the symptoms of a classic heart attack with back and kidney pain”, adds the former footballer.

“If I can give one piece of advice it would be, at least for slightly older people who live a life like mine, sport and a healthy diet and a regular life: maybe I sleep little, maybe they should have their coronaries examined every now and then. A coronary angiography , it’s a bit invasive, maybe you lose a couple of hours of your life in a year or six months, but you evaluate your conditions. Those of the heart attack were not always due to nutrition, cholesterol, a weak heart but there are many reasons and doing a check-up, even an electrocardiogram even under stress, might save your life. I’m fine, in a few days I’ll go out and I’ll start bothering myself with my work again. Hello everyone.”