Schlein and photomontage with horse, storm over post mayor of Grosseto

Simiani (Pd): “Exceeded all limits, apologies”

It’s a storm against the mayor of Grosseto, Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna, for his sexist and offensive post against Elly Schlein, the new secretary of the Democratic Party. Post in which he inserts the photo of Schlein with those of horses and dromedaries, with a neigh as a background sound, writing “for 2 euros what did you want, Belen?”. “The mayor of Grosseto is clearly offensive and not capable of discussing the contents: anyone who uses physical denigration as a tool for political confrontation must be condemned without ifs and buts. As a citizen of Grosseto I am embarrassed and indignant for the offenses against Elly Schlein”. Thus the deputy dem Marco Simiani who adds: “I expect an apology and the distancing of the right and of Prime Minister Meloni. In politics, mutual respect is the architrave of our constitutional charter. I have always done it, someone tonight evidently no”.

“Those who administer public affairs have the duty to demonstrate every day that they are up to it, in full respect of the citizens they represent: this story demonstrates the total absence of morals and the Right, once again, cannot afford to turn away. Giorgia Meloni, who so much wants to be on the side of women, where are you?”, writes Iacopo Melio, council of the Democratic Party in the Tuscany Region on social media.