Schlein at the Action assembly: “We can win again together”

The PD leader: “Beyond the differences, with a pragmatic approach there are many issues on which we can work together, demonstrating that there is an alternative to this right, building it on the merits of things”

The PD secretary Elly Schlein guest today at the National Action Assembly, the party of Carlo Calenda. “We have our differences, God forbid, but beyond the differences – said the dem – with a pragmatic approach there are many issues on which we can work together, demonstrating that there is an alternative to this right, building it on the merits of things and not locking ourselves in a room trying, perhaps without ever succeeding, to be nice to each other… Foggia demonstrates that where we manage to build a perimeter with a coherent program and field a credible candidacy, we are able to win again together.”


“After having reaped the last fruits left on the field by the previous government, the economy is slowing down. Instead, we want our country to grow again with a new development model in the face of challenges, such as the technological one, which scare but which we must transform it into an opportunity as many other countries are doing”, explained Schlein speaking of the budget law.

“Instead – he underlined – we see a maneuver without vision, minimalist, incapable of restoring impetus to the economy and the Pnrr funds will not be enough if there are no public policies that courageously invest in training and development. A fragile maneuver with forecasts of growth overestimated according to all experts”.


“We are all concerned by the dramatic images arriving from Gaza. The Democratic Party immediately condemned the terrorist attacks by Hamas and called for the release of the hostages without conditions, asked to avoid the conflict from spreading and for everyone to respect international law, the activation of humanitarian corridors. That is a population in which half are minors. A massacre like the one we are seeing must be avoided and I think it was a mistake on Italy’s part not to vote for the UN resolution. Call it a truce, ceasefire, pause but let’s stop this massacre”, the words of the dem.

Ratification Mes

“I find it incredible that this government has not yet ratified the ESM, the credibility of our country is at stake. The government must abandon cheap demagoguery and think seriously about the repercussions on Italy’s credibility while it sits at the table of important reforms such as the of the stability pact”, Schlein’s comment.


And regarding the Meloni executive, “it’s a bit surprising to see a minister so worried about the stability of governments, evidently they are not so united internally…”, says Schlein at the Action assembly where minister Elisabetta Casellati spoke .

“We went to meet the government but we clarified our proposal: we are not available for the direct election of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister because we believe that if there has been an institution in recent years that safeguarded the credibility and the stability was precisely the President of the Republic whose prerogatives we will not accept being undermined”, continued the dem. The Democratic Party, she adds, is available to “strengthen the prime minister’s powers” but not to direct elections.

Minimum salary

The unity of the opposition was recorded on the “minimum wage on which Giorgia Meloni will soon finally have to answer to the 3 and a half million poor workers on what the government and the majority intend to do. We are moving forward. We are talking with the opposition Even on the issue of public health, we are worried about the prospects of cuts envisaged in this budget”, Schlein said when arriving at the Action meeting.