Schlein attacks Meloni: “Worse than Cav”. The dem does not release reservations on European elections

The number one of the Democratic Party in Gubbio: attack on the government, Prime Minister in the crosshairs. And on the candidacy he says: “It’s the last thing”

Elly Schlein arrived this morning in Gubbio, where the conclave is held in the former Capuchin convent which brought with it controversy and irony between emotional showers and chocolate massages. Yesterday the secretary missed the first day of the seminar organized by the Pd Camera group. Why? She was at the presentation of a film on mental distress, a sector in trouble like other healthcare sectors. “I have seen many ruminations on this moment of reflection and on my presence. I arrived today because yesterday I went to see a wonderful film on mental health, Kripton”, says the secretary in front of the audience of deputies and the organizer Chiara Braga.

Attack on the government, Meloni main target

Then Schlein changes tone and attacks the majority and the government. From healthcare, to migrants, to taxes and the failure to approve the minimum wage, to Calderoli’s autonomy, which is not autonomy but an “attempt at secession”. So he stings Fdi. “The Spa” by Messegue of the hotel in Gubbio, “is closed and right-wing newspapers will perhaps have to write about the contents… and in any case there is nothing wrong with the Spa but I think none of us brought either the costume or the gun …and please don’t let anyone steal paintings or stop trains. How many have we seen in recent months.”

But the main target remains Giorgia Meloni. Waiting for the TV duel and who knows, maybe the one as leaders in the European elections. Schlein chooses the front: “Melons has surpassed Berlusconi: these attacks on the right of inquiry that not even with the Bulgarian edict…We need to invent other types of edicts, I don’t know if they are Hungarian edicts. These are attacks not worthy of a democracy. Solidarity with Report”.

No news on candidacy for the European elections

No mention of European elections and candidatures as was in the premises. But to reporters who ask her about the timing of the decision, Schlein replies that an acceleration is not in sight. On the contrary. “The candidacy? There is nothing new. The last thing remains. I was clear from the beginning. First the project, then the team and last … “, he replies after meeting the citizens of Cantiano, a municipality in the Pesaro area hit by the flood in 2022.

In short, nothing in sight in the near future. With all due respect to the daily interventions of managers who, between advice not to run (the majority) and to do so (a few) urge her to put a firm stop. In one sense or another. A useful date could have been next Saturday January 27th, Remembrance Day. Schlein will be in Cassino – on a symbolic date and place – for the first stage of the electoral campaign towards the European elections.

Or rather the idea of ​​a discussion in Management. Toni Ricciardi, PD deputy, says: “If Schlein runs, we need to ask her and decide in the party bodies. We are a party in which there are bodies in which we discuss, vote and decide.”

Words about Europe and the Middle East

Schlein in Gubbio obviously talks about the EU and foreign policy given the agenda of the meeting. And he continues to ask Europe for a greater effort. On the Middle East and Ukraine. “We will continue to insist on supporting Ukraine without ambiguity but Europe needs a stronger political and diplomatic role. We will have to discuss this at the PSE congress in March.”

It is on Middle East he adds: “We must ask ourselves the question of avoiding fueling these conflicts, of avoiding sending weapons and exporting weapons to conflicts, to the conflict in the Middle East, in particular in this case to Israel. Because we cannot risk that weapons are used to commit what could be considered war crimes.”

Neofascism, the dem bill

So a mention also of the desire to carry forward the bill for the dissolution of neo-fascist organizations and on the end of life after the episode of the vote in Veneto which involved a dem councilor. “It’s a wound that there was also a vote from the Democratic Party. If the group asks you to leave the room so as not to contribute to the collapse of the law, it is right to do so.”