Schlein: “Lollobrigida? Government lives on another planet”

“You don’t need parodies when there is a government like this”

“I saw that there are some ministers who think that the poor eat better than the rich… There is no need for parodies when there is a government like this, a government that lives on another planet”. This is how Elly Schlein at the celebration of Unity in Bologna refers to the words of the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida. “Ours is not a personal party or even a family party … ours is a real party” he adds, referring to the appointment today of the sister of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni as head of the political secretariat of the Brothers of Italy.


The party, says Schlein, “is a moment of socializing but also to carry on our battles, first and foremost the one in defense of public health that the Meloni government is cutting”.


“This government is the champion of passing the buck. We have seen it from the beginning. We have seen it with the cut of the Citizenship Income, where have these people poured? On the social services of the Municipalities. And the same is happening with the reception of migrants,” he says. “We urgently ask the government to convene and listen to the administrators”.


“We will discuss this in the coming months.” This is how Elly Schlein responds to the celebration of Unity in Bologna to those who ask her if Stefano Bonaccini could be the Pd leaders in the European elections in the North East. we carry on this dialogue” with the other oppositions “without pre-packaged schemes, but on issues. We have already done it with the minimum wage, I think we can do it on many other challenges starting from public health. We put the project at the center and then we will see which profiles will be suitable for all these challenges”.


“Months have passed and it is not possible that families and businesses continue to wait without knowing when the resources will arrive” he says, speaking of the bad weather that has plagued Emilia Romagna. “We stand by the mayors who risk not closing their budgets. This is why we are celebrating national unity in Ravenna. We are close to the people affected and who are still waiting for answers from the Meloni government after the catwalks and interviews”.