Schlein: “Meloni is silent, hostage to investigations and scandals”

The secretary of the Democratic Party: “How long will your silence last? We haven’t heard a single word from you about the country’s economic and social emergencies”

“How long will Meloni’s silence last? For weeks she has been held hostage by the investigations, scandals and shameful rants of her own majority and we have not heard a single word from her about the country’s economic and social emergencies”. Thus the secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein.

“Not a word – he underlines – has been received on the unitary proposal of the oppositions on the minimum wage and this silence does not punish the opposition but mortifies three million poor workers. Not a word and not a single fact has come about the expensive mortgages that deserve answers, about the housing emergency that the government has exacerbated by cutting the rent fund”.

“Not a word has come about safety at work, despite the tragic number of victims. Not a single proposal on how to counter the galloping inflation that is impoverishing the country. What else has to happen for it to finally strike?” Schlein says.

Already on Saturday, on Tg3, the secretary of the Democratic Party, in Bologna for the CGIL party, had declared: “When you come out of your embarrassed and embarrassing silence, Giorgia Meloni tell us what you think of our unitary proposal on the minimum wage. We are dealing solely with the judicial quarrels of his ministers, but there are more than 3 million poor workers in Italy who cannot wait any longer”.