Schlein tested in the streets, today’s Pd demonstration for alternatives

Also Conte and Avs in Rome on social justice and peace. 175 buses and 7 special trains arriving

Elly Schlein, after several years, brings the Democratic Party back to the streets today. Against the right-wing government and for the alternative. And a piece of that possible alternative will be there with the participation of Giuseppe Conte and an M5S delegation together with Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli of the Italian Left. Having brought part of the opposition to the streets is good news, but the real challenge for Schlein will be to bring people there and fill Piazza del Popolo in Rome. The organizational machine speaks of 175 buses and 7 special trains arriving.

From peace to immigration, the themes of the event

150 volunteers have been mobilized who will have the task, among other things, of taking a look at banners and flags: the war in the Middle East has also placed peace as the central theme of the demonstration and the dem request is that there be only flags rainbow next to those of the Democratic Party. No Palestine or Israel. Gazebos will also be set up to sign on the minimum wage and to register. The lineup includes only Stefano Bonaccini, party president, and Schlein who will close the event on stage. For the rest, no politicians but only personalities and stories of civil society from the doctor to the trade unionist of La Perla in crisis, to the writer Maurizio De Giovanni and to the new mayor of Foggia candidate from the ‘very broad’ camp to Mamadou Kouassi, the Senegalese mediator who inspired the film ‘I Captain’ by Matteo Garrone.

Immigration becomes a very topical issue with the Italy-Albania agreement. Today, without directly citing the protocol signed between Giorgia Meloni and Edi Rama, Schlein attacked the extraterritorial models for the management of migratory flows in front of the audience of the PSE congress in Malaga, such as the one with Libya and as Meloni is trying to do with Tunisia and with Albania. Enough with “the externalization of European borders”, said Schlein. A hot topic in Malaga. Both because Rama is an observer member of the PSE, and because of the short circuit in the Democratic Party yesterday with the request for the expulsion of the Albanian prime minister from the PSE which was then clarified, and because the Germany of the social democrat Olaf Scholz is not so against outsourcing.

Schlein at the PSE congress spoke of the Meloni government as an “extreme right” government that is showing its true face: they fight the poor instead of poverty, they cut services, they discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community. And Meloni is a female prime minister who does not does nothing to improve the condition of other women. It’s incredible. But there is a difference between female leadership and feminist leadership…”. A government that gives “wrong answers” from precariousness to public health, remarked Schlein, citing the issues that will be at the center of tomorrow’s square.

The same, moreover, as the not too cheerful end to last year’s electoral campaign. Then on stage with Enrico Letta there were both Bonaccini and Schlein, soon to be challengers to the congress. And in that closing demonstration of the campaign before the elections, Schlein marked himself as anti-Meloni with his slogan “I am a woman, I love another woman and I am not a mother. But that doesn’t make me any less of a woman”.

Keeping “social rights and civil rights” together, the secretary of the Democratic Party repeated to the PSE. We will talk about it tomorrow, first of all highlighting what is wrong with the Meloni government’s maneuver and what should be there instead. And then climate, the right to education and housing, flood funds that are not arriving. The group leader in the Senate, Francesco Boccia, says: “They equate a constitutional reform that humiliates the head of state to Calderoli’s Spacca Italia. They do it to cover up the government’s inability to deal with the high cost of living and economic emergencies. Tomorrow we will be in the streets to demonstrate for public health, for wages and against an unfair maneuver that humiliates Italy and Parliament”.