School, Anief: “Contract resources had to be released, it’s just the beginning”

“The economic crisis and the energy crisis have done nothing but worsen the economic situation of those who work in our country today: the approved resources yesterday with the renewal “of Education, University and Research contract for about 1.4 million school workers “had to be released, we managed to do it and it is nice to have reached this agreement with the unanimity of the consensus, but I also trust in the political agreement on Thursday afternoon: to be honored by the government, because additional resources have been promised and therefore we must continue to work with this path in the next Budget Law “. This is what the trade unionist Marcello Pacifico affirmed, on behalf of Anief and Cisal, confirmed his readiness “to sign this renewal of the national contract, as had been said for some time”.

At the Aran, therefore, the request made by Anief since the first meetings in Aran last May of wanting sign a ‘bridging’ contract to immediately assign the allocated resources for salary increases linked to the tabular part of the salary and to the ancillary salary part, in the fixed part and the arrears, so as to deal with the other topics (levels and professional orders, DSGA development, mobility, remote work, trade union relations) with a subsequent contractual sequence.

The signing follows the political agreement reached with the Minister Giuseppe Valditara on behalf of the Government on Thursday afternoon with all the unions, it brings for the first time the signing of Anief, a young union founded 14 years ago in Palermo and became representative in December 2019 . According to Marcello Pacifico “it is now up to the Government to find in the budget law the additional resources promised to review professional profiles and levels, guarantee equal legal and economic treatment among workers, enhance all professional figures starting from the DSGA, abolish the constraints on mobility and role changes. However, in the next contractual round there remains the need to align wages with inflation and to reach the average of other workers in Europe ”.