School, Anquap: “Banning competitions for managers and directors immediately”

Immediately ban competitions for managers and directors in schools. The request comes from Anquap, the National Association of Public Administration Managers, according to which “delays and illogical temporal dilations are not admissible”. “As known, the presence in every school and educational institution of a Headmaster and a permanent (and full-time) SGA Director is of fundamental importance for the correct performance of the functions assigned to schools”, reads a statement from the ‘Anquap signed by the president Giorgio Germani.

“Unfortunately, the number of vacant and available posts has been and continues to be significant for both monocratic categories in question, due to a serious lack of scheduling of competitions and recruitments”, recalls the association. “During 2022, the competent ministries defined the rules for carrying out competitions and selection procedures, from Interministerial Decree No. 146 of 2022, to Ministerial Decree 216 of 2022 up to Interministerial Decree No. 194 of 2022”, underlines the Anquap.

“There are the rules, there are vacant and available posts to be filled in the order of a few thousand units – throughout the national territory and in particular in the northern regions – for each of the two categories and, therefore, it is of the utmost urgency the issuing of the notices of competition. In the state of the deeds and the de facto conditions, delays and illogical temporal dilations are not admissible”, concludes the association.