School, everyone in class in September: even the professors no vax

Giannelli (Deans): “I’m not worried, their number is small”

In September we go back to school and everyone in class, even teachers not vaccinated against Covid, and for this reason suspended. “The return to school for unvaccinated teachers was already foreseen. I’m not worried – he tells Adnkronos Antonello Giannelli, president of the national association of principals – Then there is the fact that the number of non-immunized teachers is very low, just a few thousand. I would give even more prominence to the millions of students, especially between the ages of 5 and 15, who have not yet been vaccinated. I hope the families get them to get the vaccine. By the way, I hope that a great cultural promotion and awareness campaign will be carried out. In any case, on Covid we must be ready for a possible new wave and if there were to be a new strong risk of contagion, new measures could be taken to contain the pandemic, such as the obligation to vaccinate all teachers “.

“We have seen the directions of the Ministry of Health. There will be no need to wear masks or keep the distance. These guidelines are an optimistic interpretation regarding access to school by the Ministry. However, it is also done remember that if the pandemic trend worsens the rules may change accordingly. This also applies to unvaccinated teachers. At this moment there is a ‘free all’ and we can not help but accept these decisions. responsibility, “he tells Adnkronos the president of the Rome Presidia Association Mario Rusconi.

“The risk – underlines Rusconi – is that some unvaccinated teachers may be infected by some students, perhaps asymptomatic. Almost all our children are vaccinated and those who risk are those few teachers who are not yet immune. In any case, when there will be a return. mass of students in the classroom in September – schools are already open for repair exams – I hope that the situation is evaluated carefully and that we are given clear and precise indications: principals and teachers cannot turn into virologists “.