School, first bell is approaching: how VIPs get ready

From Elisabetta Gregoraci to Pino Insegno, from Carmen Russo to Francesca Barra: are families ready?

The start of school is upon us, the first bell will ring in a few days and families, even those of VIPs, are getting ready between books, organization, timetables and homework.

”How do I live the beginning of the school year? Finally, the real vacation starts now. I spent three months going back and forth between work and children and the last few days instead I spent in the mountains on vacation with them. Naturally I will go get them every day as I always have,” the actor, voice actor and presenter tells Adnkronos Pino I teachwith the usual irony explains how he is experiencing the return of his youngest children aged 9 and 4, from his second wife Alessia Navarro.

”My wife and I have already prepared everything two months ago, including dressing, diary, books, etc. – she says – The little one is in the penultimate year of nursery school and when I go to pick him up they always tell me: ”’How nice of you nephew’ – he concludes bursting into laughter – but it’s been a while now that I’ve learned not to give a damn about everything they tell me”.

“I have four children who are of different ages so with the beginning of the school year I am engulfed in preparing all the materials and I am increasingly in crisis because sometimes they ask you for absurd materials which I start preparing much earlier for then don’t find me in difficulty with the start of school and work”, says the journalist Frances Barrawife of the actor Claudio Santamaria, explaining to Adnkronos how she experiences the beginning of the school year with 4 children to take care of.

”The other evening it was a lot of fun because I was sitting on the floor cleaning up old books for my oldest son who is 17 – says Barra who only had his youngest daughter with Santamaria – then I prepared the materials for the 10-year-old girl who goes to fifth grade, I sharpened the pencils for the other daughter who goes to second grade and finally I arranged the bag for the little girl who is starting nursery school, also putting a notebook in it where I wrote everything down. The scene was very amusing, Claudio (Santamaria, ed) at a certain point entered the room where I had put all these divided compartments on the floor and looked at me with an air of great esteem for me”.

Despite the effort, Barra says she is ”lucky because both my first husband and Claudio help me a lot but I always think about school materials – she underlines – it’s an interlocking game. Then of course there’s also the emotional burden of detaching from them after a long period of vacation all together. I know that with the little girl I will have to do the classic ‘insertion’, there will be the usual feelings of guilt, in short, it won’t be easy but I will give it my all as I always have”.

The journalist reveals that in her home there is a real ”ritual” in taking the children to school: “I always do it because they talk to me about all their doubts and their emotions and I like this a lot. I have specially chosen schools close to home, in my neighborhood, because having friends in the neighborhood is a salvation for me and it is also from a logistical point of view”. Is Claudio excited? “Very much – concludes Barra – he doesn’t see the time to go and get the baby from the nursery”.

”I experience the beginning of my daughter’s school year in a very serene way because things must always be faced without anxiety and without excessive worry”, she says Carmen Russo to Adnkronos talking about his 10-year-old daughter Maria, who will start sixth grade this year. ”Just this morning I made sure that all the more than 20 books had arrived – says the dancer – then there will be the choice of the backpack, which must be on three wheels because there are stairs, the uniform and the diary” .

For Russo, the ”most worrying thing” is returning to a school-time lifestyle: “In the evening you have to go back to bed early, at the latest at 10pm – she says – but I must say that Maria is a girl who manages well at home, is independent and has already finished all her homework. Starting school should be a joy and she is very happy to start middle school. On the first day of school, both my husband and I will accompany her, as we always have (Enzo Paolo Turchi, ed). Every year it is always a great emotion for us to bring it together on the first day of school especially this year”.

A few kilometers from Italy the situation is different. “We in Montecarlo have already started school so we have an advantage because we prepare earlier than other parents who live in other countries. Nathan Falco was very happy to find his friends and classmates”, Elisabetta Gregoraci told Adnkronos, telling how he experiences his son’s return to school. “True, we start again with homework – admits Briatore’s ex-girlfriend jokingly – but that’s right. I wish all the parents a huge good luck,” he concludes.