School, flash mob students in front of the ministry

Tonight the students wanted to represent before the Ministry of Education “the consideration that the Government and the Ministry have given to the younger generations”: Zero, like the sign that appeared on the steps of Viale Trastevere. The flash mob arrives the evening before Student Day and during the student mobilization week that will culminate on Friday, the day when students from 40 cities will take to the streets.

The Network of Medium Students asks for listening to the issues that affect young people: an extraordinary plan on school buildings, investments in the right to education (mainly transport and expensive books), solutions and investments in mental health (institution of the basic psychologist, reform school psychological help desks) and interventions on precarious work.

“On the eve of the Student Day we decided to make clear what we think of this Ministry and this Government” explains Tommaso Biancuzzi of the Network of Medium Students “On November 19th we mobilize throughout Italy because we are tired of a system that continues to ignore us. After the Pandemic, everything had to change but nothing is changing, so we mobilize in the thousands. From Rome to Palermo, from Florence to Genoa, from Padua to Taranto the students will ask for a change of course and facts. We are a precarious generation in everything and the consideration that has been given to us is Zero, from the PNRR to the Budget Law. Tomorrow we will be in the Senate for a press conference in which we will present our proposals and on Friday we will see each other in the squares of the whole country. We want to be the Zero from which to start over “.