School, Ianniello (middle students): “radiators turned off almost everywhere and windows open”

Less than one in 10 institutes have air blowers. The cold increases the unease of the children due to the precariousness and generalized inhospitality. It feels like being in prison

Schools unprepared for the arrival of the winter season: “Radiators turned off in most schools and aggravating the windows to be kept open due to covid”. The complaint comes from Luca Ianniello, the national coordinator of the Network of Middle Students who reports to Adnkronos: “We asked the technical offices of the provinces and metropolitan cities to anticipate the switch-on from 7.30 to 6 in the morning and postpone the switch-off that normally takes place between 10 and 11 to 14. Also to stem the problem of the cold felt by the children due to the constantly open windows “.

“Very little has been done on the air vents even though it would have been an important solution – continues the student – We are collecting data, but at the moment we understand that less than one school in ten has installed them since the beginning of the pandemic in a continuous rebound of responsibility that negatively affects the psychological well-being of the students and is added to a situation of precariousness and generalized inhospitality: students who cannot have recess, militarized school, in the classroom with a mask, bare walls, cold …. it seems to be in prison deprived of sociality “.

(by Roberta Lanzara)