School, mathematician Roccetti: “With the Centaurus variant in November, risk bis Christmas 2021”

“But we, despite the scientific community’s solicitations for the installation of aerators, have produced a decree to open windows. Which will intersect with the low heating and the hypotheses of dad”

“Italy is a slave to its stupidity. In view of the opening of the schools we have produced a decree to open the windows, despite the solicitation for the installation in the classrooms of mechanical ventilation systems with ultraviolet rays sent by the scientific community with public letter to the Government. With the risk of being caught unprepared again, as happened with omicron last Christmas, for the probable advance of Centaurus, the new Indian variant of which the first case was recorded yesterday in Emilia Romagna “. The mathematician Marco Roccetti, full professor of Computer Science at the University of Bologna Alma Mater, intervenes with Adnkronos on the upcoming opening of schools and the evolution of the pandemic and warns: “We know from Indian data that Centaurus is very contagious and fast, so much so that create outbreaks and fires. What happened with omicron in Christmas 2021 could occur in Italy in November-December. “

There are two main considerations to be made: The first is that “the current situation seems to be that of a wave that is waning, as the death curves are downhill – explains Roccetti – Therefore, if the situation remained the same, the school factor would not awaken concern, even if the infections for the first time in the Italian history of the pandemic have been underestimated and it seems that there is a ceiling below which we cannot go down (so much so that we have not yet reached the levels of the previous two years, close to zero perhaps also due to the greater freedom left to citizens on the precautionary front) “.

The second is that “from the preventive point of view, looking at the school, nothing has been done and no measures prepared! We are hanging on to an electoral competition, while other serious states, while maintaining the freedom of citizens, have organized themselves. Like England that is free, but ready. Great Britain, which before us has focused and continues to focus on citizens’ freedom, has given the green light to a new Modern booster updated for omicron variant. Do you know what the drama is? – Roccetti glosses – What we are not prepared because we do not want to be. So our only alternative to contagion will be open windows, which will intersect with the low heatings and the assumptions of dad, complicating even more. While we talk about monkeypox, from values mathematically irrelevant. A mockery in the face of significant and complex phenomena such as covid “. (by Roberta Lanzara)