School, Pro Vita Famiglia: “Grave patronage of the Government to the course on career alias”

“It is very serious that the Ministry of Labor and the Regional Scholastic Office for Lombardy are promoting a course totally imbued with gender ideology aimed at teachers of middle schools, high schools and other secondary schools in Brescia. We will talk about ‘overcoming of the sexual binarism, and of the ‘transition process and repercussions on the school, chosen name, alias careers'”, declares Jacopo Coghe spokesperson for Provita e Famiglia Onlus.

“The Alias ​​career itself – underlines Coghe – is a tool for treating children and adolescents on the basis of their gender identity, i.e. the subjective perception of belonging to a certain gender: man, woman, transgender, genderqueer, non-binary, agender or other , even non-conforming to biological sex. This regulation, in addition to being illegal, risks instilling in students the doubt that they were born in the wrong body”.

“School cannot be the terrain for propaganda of LGBTQIA+ issues. Over 72,000 parents worried about their children signed our petition in a few weeks. For this reason we ask that the Government intervene, withdraw the sponsorship of the Ministry of Labor from the initiative and immediately issue guidelines to bring legality back to schools by stopping Career Alias, before it’s too late” said Toni Brandi, president of Pro Vita & Famiglia Onlus.