School, the TFA call for support comes out: 29,000 places available

There are over 29,000 places available for specialization of support teachers, about 3,000 more than in the previous school year

Following the communication from the Ministry of University and Research, with the decree approved by Minister Anna Maria Bernini, the launch of the new specialization courses for support activities for kindergarten is ready, which will provide 29 thousand places available , with the pre-selective tests starting in July.


Specifically, there will be 29,061 places available, with the novelty of the eighth cycle which will reserve the 35% quota for teachers with at least 36 months of support service in the last five years, with direct admission to the written test. To get to the end of the competition it will therefore be necessary to pass a pre-selection test consisting of one or more written tests and an oral test. The tests will be from 4 to 7 July, and specifically on the 4th the test for the childhood school, the 5th test for the primary school, the 6th test for the lower secondary school, the 7th test for the secondary school II degree.

The requirements

In order to access the specialization courses for support, it will be necessary for primary and childhood schools to have a teaching qualification obtained in the degree courses in education sciences, or a master’s degree in educational psychology. For first and second grade primary school courses, however, you must have a specific qualification for the competition class, or a master’s or single-cycle degree, plus 24 CFU/CFA or qualification for another competition class/level of education.