School, Valditara: “Let’s start again with more permanent teachers and fewer substitutes”

“Not only have we hired more than 40 thousand temporary teachers, a competition is about to start for another 40 thousand”, explains the education minister

“The school restarts with some important improvements, there are more tenured teachers and fewer substitutesa significant simplification and faster procedures”. Giuseppe Valditara, Minister of Education, told RaiNews 24, explaining that “thanks to some innovations we have made, we managed to fill the authorized places at 79.9% compared to 47.4% last school year. The number of substitutes on the statutory workforce this year was 10.9% and 15% last year, therefore a clear improvement. The substitute teachers did not have to go to school to sign the contract, they could sign it remotely. The time required to complete applications has been reduced by 50%. Important steps forward, therefore, it is the beginning, we must continue to improve.”

Valditara adds that “not only have we hired more than 40 thousand temporary teachers, but a competition is about to start for another 40 thousand. There is a recruitment problem that has dragged on over the years: we must now try to find effective answers and I believe the hiring of 80 thousand teachers is a significant step forward. Then there is the issue of giving continuity to the teaching position, above all I am thinking of the support teacher: we are working to ensure that at the request of the families the substitute teachers for that role can remain for the entire school cycle because one of the most serious things that what disturbs the disabled child is precisely that of having to find a teacher who changes every year”.

As for the tutor teacherthis “will have to personalize training and will play a fundamental role in allowing those kids who have delays to be able to catch up or those who are bored in class to be able to strengthen their preparation. It will be a turning point that I have seen being appreciated by two thirds of Italians , entered into the contract: a real turning point towards that increasingly accentuated personalization of training to enhance the skills and talents of each boy, a training that is built a bit like in a tailoring field, tailored to the individual boy”.

Valditara then announced that “on 18 September I will return to Caivano, the South agenda is a first important intervention to reunite an Italy split in two from an educational point of view. It means taking care of all those kids who today do not have the same educational opportunities and therefore of those who find themselves in more fortunate contexts”.