School, Valditara: “Mobile phones are used only for educational purposes. Legal protection for teachers”

The Minister of Education and Merit, at the Lega Romagna party in Cervia, reiterated that “smartphones and tablets” should be used “only under the guidance of the teacher”. He then explains that “in the event that a teacher is attacked, threatened or insulted, the State Attorney’s Office will be at his disposal free of charge”. New rules for voting behavior and suspensions, the reform of technical institutes and the interventions of Agenda Sud are on the horizon

“Is it ever possible that in the classroom, instead of studying, the student can film a teacher and mock him on social media? It is one thing to use the smartphone or tablet for educational purposes, another is to use it to undermine the teacher’s authority. The cell phone in the classroom it is used only under the guidance of the teacher for educational purposes. The Netherlands and the OECD have followed our example”. To say it is the Minister of Education and Merit Giuseppe Valditara who, at the party of the Romagna League in Cervia, also explains the legal protection for teachers. “In the event that a teacher is attacked, threatened or insulted before he had to pay the legal costs to defend himself to take legal action against the aggressor, now the State Attorney’s Office will be at his disposal free of charge. Not only that: in serious cases the “Advocacy will allow the State to bring a civil action to claim civil damages and compensation for moral damages from those who attacked the teacher. I assure you that when you touch the economic outlay, one thinks twice before laying hands on each other”.

“We change on suspension and vote in conduct”

“Starting next year we want to change the conduct mark and the suspension – says Valditara again – The conduct mark must return to average even in middle school. Then it must be used for credits at maturity. And above all a boy who gets six in conduct must be postponed to September and must study on the values ​​of citizenship, and of being together”. “Then there is the matter of suspension – adds the minister – Today it means staying at home. Instead there must be more school: it means staying in school and studying more, but also socially useful jobs, of solidarity citizens”.

“In September the proposal on technical-vocational institutes”

As for the reform of technical institutes, Valditara explains that “in September we want to present this proposal, which has already been widely discussed. And we believe that it must be tackled quickly. What does it mean to experiment in the field of professional technical education? Giving a future to our young people, give our companies the tools to be competitive. There is a need for a serious reform: connection with the ITS, a path that allows technicians and managers to be recruited from the world of work, a path that strengthens the basic subjects. Obviously, to the unchanged workforce. And the Regions will be the protagonists of this fantastic operation, also by building campuses that involve training”. “We must be capable – adds the minister – of a cultural turning point. We must go in a different direction compared to Gentile’s pyramid model. There are many types of intelligence. I had a friend who was not successful in mathematics and Italian, but with the tires of a truck brought out wonderful objects. He had an intelligence superior to mine, which I took 8 in Latin “. Then, speaking of the bridge over the Strait, he observes: “It requires workers, technicians. Schools are needed in Sicily and Calabria to train those technicians. But schools are also needed afterwards, for a great take-off of the territory”.

“It is not moral to accept a country split in half”

Valditara then observes that “this is a country dramatically split in half, the Invalsi data testify to this. It is not moral for us to accept it”. “It is not moral – he continues – that there are young people who live in less advantaged areas who have educational opportunities and therefore lower job opportunities than those of others who live in other more advantaged areas. With the Agenda Sud it is the first time that something concrete: 240 schools selected by Invalsi in the southern areas where there will be more teachers of Italian, mathematics and English. Full-time for everyone and there will be special training for these teachers and they will be paid for extra-curricular activities”. “Ten strong actions – concludes the minister – to ensure that these young people can have the same educational and successful opportunities”.

“Diplomatists? I received threats but I won’t stop”

Valditara then speaks of the so-called “diplomifici”, explaining that he has scheduled a meeting on the matter tomorrow with the director of the Campania regional school office: “I think it is intolerable in the good name of Italian private schools, which must be respected. It is unthinkable what’s emerging. I’ve already received insults and threats but I don’t care at all, I’m going on. We have to restore legality to Italian schools and restore dignity. Let’s go and hit the scoundrels if there are any. Let’s go all the way, I won’t stop” .