Scipio the African is back, never so hot in October

Peaks of over 30 degrees in the South

Torrid heat for the October Bis. Maximum power until Friday then some rain in the North and part of the Center. Later the anticyclone Scipio l’Africano will return with an even warmer weekend, especially in the South with peaks of 34 ° C in Sardinia and 33 ° in Sicily. 2022, from January to September, is the hottest year in Italy since the nineteenth century. If all this is not something exceptional, then for the most demanding we should expect a Christmas with 30 ° C. Next Sunday will be over the middle of the meteorological autumn, it will be about 2 months before the Christmas holidays: and the temperatures will exceed 33-34 ° C in the shade with extreme peaks typical of July. Lorenzo Tedici, site meteorologist, confirms the anomalous situation of this terrible 2022 and provides the numbers: the hottest cities during the first phase of the Ottobrata Bis will be Olbia and Oristano with 28 ° C, Rome and Bolzano will settle around 26 ° C with locally even higher peaks.

Even Milan will record temperatures of 24 ° C, about 6-7 points above the climatological average. But in a second phase of the Ottobrata Bis, with the even stronger comeback of the subtropical anticyclone, called Scipione l’Africano, Sardinia and Sicily will heat up to and above 33-34 ° C over the weekend.

At the Italian level, analyzing the data from the Alps to Sicily, we do not find a month of October with such persistent heat in recent history; only locally, some cities have seen similar values ​​but, at most, for a couple of days: for example, Rome recorded 28 degrees in 1981 and 1987, respectively on the 18th and 23rd of the month; in 2006 an exceptional figure was that of October 27, almost November with 27 degrees, we will be able to beat this value.

The October bis will then be even more exceptional and for the first time it will cover all of Italy just 5 days after the end of the first record October; afterwards it is very probable the comeback of Scipio the African with the persistence of hot air from North to South also next week.


Tuesday 18. In the north, local morning mists on the plains, partly cloudy elsewhere. Middle: prevailing good weather. In the south: ample sunshine.

Wednesday 19. In the north, fog in the morning on the plains, sunny elsewhere. In the center: all sun. In the south: the phase of absolute atmospheric stability continues, with lots of sun and a very mild climate.

Thursday 20. In the north: good weather except for dense mists and fogs on the plains. Center: sunny. In the south: good weather with temperatures above the average for the period. Trend following days: Friday rains in the north, again Ottobrata Bis in the center-south.