Scooter accidents, girl dead in Trento, 15th victim of 2023

Asaps: it is the 40th victim on a scooter since 2020

There girl who was crossing the street on a scooter in Trento is the 40th victim on a scooter since 2020, the 15th in 2023. These are the updated data provided by the Scooter Observatory of Asaps, Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police, which updated the sad count of deaths on electric micromobility vehicles, also specifying that they are divided as follows: one in 2020 , 12 in 2021, 12 in 2022 and 15 in 2023, including the accident in Trento. Again according to Asaps data, regarding weekend accidents, 254 motorcyclists died in the first seven months of 2023.

“On the Trento tragedy, even if we don’t know whether the girl was on foot or on board the scooter that was hit, it still needs to be ascertained, what I can say is that when we talk about a devastating impact it means that one of the vehicles involved was going at a high speed inadequate, it was going too fast – Giordano Biserni, president of Asaps, told Adnkronos – Speed ​​is the most dangerous factor on the road, it is a problem that cannot be solved. It is not possible to intervene on those vehicles that travel at excessive speed, often with distracted drivers, especially cars. And it’s worrying.”

As far as scooters are concerned, we know that there is an additional risk due to the type of vehicle. It is a vehicle with very small wheels and a simple pothole, even a small one, can make the vehicle unbalanced. There are those who travel in two or three, without protection, on the pavement – added Biserni – For too long we have allowed the use of the scooter to be playful and not considered as a real vehicle. I believe it is necessary to restore some order on the road for all vehicles, the greatest risk is always in the behavior of the driver of the vehicle.”