Scooters in Rome, measures against wild parking are starting

Already 81 penalized users, 13 will no longer be able to use Dott’s sharing vehicles. The four-month results of the Consumerismo Monitor project

Electric scooters in wild parking? The undisciplined user runs the risk of no longer being able to access the sharing service. Well that’s okay, you will see a notification delivered to your smartphone. In short, some bad habits no longer go unnoticed. In just 4 months, that is, since the project was launched Consumerism Monitors, over 1,200 users received in-app or email notification due to incorrect parking or an insufficiently clear photo of the end of the trip, and 81 users on the second offense received a penalty by the operator for parking outside the permitted areas or incorrectly in violation of the Highway Code.

The project, born from the collaboration between the consumer association Consumerismo No Profit and the sharing micro-mobility operator Dott, foresees that users of the service who do not park correctly receive an ‘alert’ on their smartphone notifying and explaining the infringement . If the behavior is repeated, the second time they receive a penalty from the operator and a parking guide. In the event of a third violation, their account is blocked. Fortunately, the latter were few, only 13 and they were encouraged to attend a compulsory and free driving course, which will be held on December 1 in Rome, to which subjects who need to adjust their awareness to comply with the rules will be invited .

Based on the data collected on the experiment by Consumerismo and Dott, it also emerges that, in the face of a targeted and constant educational activity, the recidivism rate of users in parking incorrectly drops drastically and it turns out to be very low: only 13 users have, in fact, committed the violation repeatedly, establishing a recidivism rate of only 2%.

These results are also reflected in the reports made by the Local Police of Rome to the sharing micromobility operators. Thanks also to the Consumerismo Monitor project, Dott is in fact the first operator out of eight for correct parking: out of 1,073 surveys carried out by the Police from July to November, only 5.7% were addressed to Dott, from three to five times in less than other operators, despite Dott being the one with the second largest fleet in the capital (2,500 vehicles out of a total of 14,500).