Scooters, the innovative Link campaign for correct parking is underway in Rome

A project to encourage the correct parking of electric scooters in Rome with great benefits for urban decor and city mobility. The initiative of Link by Superpedestrian, the sharing company coming from the Mt of Boston, which aims to reduce the phenomenon of the wild parking of scooters on the streets and sidewalks of the capital, has started these days. The US company has invested in a widespread communication campaign to reach the highest number of users. Already active in Rome on the front of raising awareness among students with the LINK4Schools project on fundamental issues such as safe driving and sustainable mobility, Link has grounded a series of concrete actions on city decorum and service quality.

“The goal – says Matteo Ribaldi, Public Affairs & Business Development Manager of Link by Superpedestrian – is to encourage our users to use the existing spaces intended for our vehicles”. This is why Link has accompanied its poster campaign “Chi Cerca Trova” (Who seeks finds) to some parking solutions capable of combining physical and digital space. “On the one hand we have mapped and suggested, via app, the parking spaces for cycles in the historic center, an area that deserves greater attention as the one with a greater density of vehicles – emphasizes Ribald -, on the other we have enhanced some existing structures, such as the parking racks (indicated in the Pums of Roma Capitale and introduced by the Roma Servizi per la Mobilità Agency) guaranteeing an economic incentive to all those who finish the race in the appropriate areas of the city “.

In short, the app will notify users of the areas (marked with a blue P) and the racks (green P), inviting users to conclude their rental in the virtual parking lots that the company has identified in the historic center “in full compliance with the law. current”. In addition, it will reward with an economic incentive the closure of the rental in the existing racks, in the hope that they can be increased over time. Both solutions – guaranteed by the technology and precision of the Gps of the Link scooters – are already accompanied and supported by frequent patrolling and repositioning activities, managed directly by Link as evidence of its commitment to Rome, the first European city launched by the company. US in September 2020.