Scotland, surprise resignation for Prime Minister Sturgeon

“The decision out of a sense of duty and love for the country”

Surprise resignation for Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. ”I made the decision to resign out of a sense of duty and out of the great love I feel for my party and for my country,” the leader of the pro-independence party SNP said during a press conference at Bute House in Edinburgh addressing ”those who are shocked and perhaps even angry with me”. But she, she adds, ” there will also be those who are happy with my decision. This is the beauty of democracy”. Being prime minister is ” the best job in the world “, she continued, but ” you have to understand when it’s time to give way to someone else ”.

The resignation will not be immediate: Sturgeon will remain in office until a successor is elected. “Yes, I can still fight for a few months”, he added, while “honestly the answer is obviously different” if “the question is: ‘can I give this job everything it requires and deserves for another year, let alone the remainder of this term. Can I give him all the energy he needs the way I’ve been putting in every day for the past eight years?'”

Sturgeon stressed that “there’s a lot to be proud of, but there’s also a lot of work to do.” “Scotland is fairer today than it was in 2015” but “there is the question of independence” and “I am convinced that the cause will be won”. With respect to this “I believe we are in the final phase”, said Sturgeon, saying he “strongly believes that my successor will lead Scotland to independence”.