Scratch and Win, centered on a super win of 6 million euros

The top win in Turin is the highest of the year. The protagonist is the ‘Vinci in Grande’ coupon, costing 25 euros

The month of June is off to a great start for scratch card enthusiasts. The highest win of the year of 6 million euros was hit with the ‘Scratch and Win’: a super win, reports the Agimeg agency, opened the month. The protagonist is the ‘Vinci in Grande’ coupon, which costs 25 euros and which allows the highest possible winnings as regards the ‘Scratch and Win’.

In the ‘Win big’ coupon, the following prize methods are envisaged: if in the ‘Your numbers’ area you find one or more ‘Winning numbers’, one or more times, you win the prize or the sum of the corresponding prizes; if you find the ‘Bonus X10’ number you win 10 times the corresponding prize. If under ‘Number Wild €100’, ‘Number Wild €250’ or ‘Number Wild €500’ you find one of the ‘Winning Numbers’ you win €100, €250 or €500 respectively.

‘Bonus game’: if under the stars ‘Bonus €100’, ‘Bonus €200’, ‘Bonus €250’, ‘Bonus €400’ or ‘Bonus €500’ you find the symbol of the ‘banknote’ you win respectively €100, €200, €250, €400 or €500. The ‘Vinci in Grande’ allows the highest payout ever – underlines Agimeg – for this type of game and precisely 6 million euros. And the top win was centered in the Tabaccheria Svizzera, in Corso Svizzera 43/ca Turin. Obviously this is the biggest scratch card win of the year.