Scream 6, the directors on Neve Campbell: “We want another film with her, we are not giving up”

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Scream 6 is a success at all latitudes, with over 70 million already earned worldwide. This is proof that humanity loves to be afraid, and it’s not enough for them to have a lot of it already by turning on the news: the horror genre for many people turns out to be something cathartic, capable of instilling serenity rather than making one tremble with fear. On the contrary: let’s say that he manages to do both, in the sense that by making him tremble with fear he finally frees the viewer from tensions.

A few months ago one of the great protagonists of this film (and television) genre of the last year spoke about it in these terms: Jenna Ortega.
The actress who became famous as the first lady of the Tim Burton series for Netflix, Wednesdayis also part of the cast of Scream 6, coincidentally. And let’s say that’s one of the reasons why the film is gaining so much acclaim…

Jenna Ortega also has a crazy burden, in addition clearly to the great honor: her presence should make us forget the great absentee of this film.
We speak clearly of Neve Campbell, the historical interpreter of the character of Sidney Prescott.
Campbell is missing for economic reasons: the actress said she hadn’t received a suitable economic proposal, so she didn’t agree to be part of the project.
At the beginning of the production of Scream 6, when the news of Neve Campbell’s absence was disclosed, heated controversies arose from historical fans, those most attached to the original film and the first part of the franchise. To appease those fans, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, directors of the last two films of the epic, are now opening a path that they will hopefully be able to beat.

The directors of Scream 6 are already talking about 7 (putting the flea in the ear: will there be Neve Campbell?)

During a recent interview given to the US magazine Deadlinesthe directors of the last two chapters of the saga of ScreamMatt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, said they are interested in directing a seventh film and beyond: they have opened up the possibility of finally seeing Neve Campbell back on set, in the role of the character of Sidney Prescott.

“We would never give up on her. We love Neve and we love Sidney: we would love to be able to make another film with her, and we are not giving up”, these are the words of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett to the microphones of Deadlines. That was enough to drive the network crazy, fueling the hopes of the most avid fans, still terribly shaken by Sydney’s absence.

Campbell: “The offer didn’t equate to the value I’ve always brought to the franchise”

In June 2022, Neve Campbell had thrown her loyal fans into turmoil by declaring that she would not be there in Scream 6.

“I have to sadly say I won’t be doing the next one Scream”, Neve Campbell had told Deadlines, freezing not only his fans but, in general, all fans of the horror saga. “As a woman I have to work very hard in my profession to establish my worth, especially when it comes to Scream. The offer they presented to me didn’t equate to the value I’ve always brought to the franchise,” commented the Canadian actress, explaining that leaving the film was very difficult for her.

Neve Campbell moved the Scream fanbase with her sweet message

When the Canadian actress let it be known that she would not be on the set of Scream 6wanted to send a message to the fans of Scream. “I love you. You have always supported me so much. I will be forever grateful to you and to what this saga has given me in the last twenty-five years”.

In Scream 5, released in 2022, the actress was there. That fifth chapter was very successful: it grossed 140 million dollars worldwide against a cost of just 24. Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett had thus immediately set to work on the sixth chapter of the saga, but goodbye ” to arms” by Neve Campbell was a freezing shower. Both for them and for their audience. This is why being able to still have the actress who plays Sidney Prescott becomes of vital importance for everyone.