“Screams and tears”: he tells everyone about the battle that hides behind his ‘baby bump’

She just announced she was pregnant, but she told everyone about the battle behind her ‘baby bump’: what happened.

A totally unexpected announcement, the one that the former tronista of Men and women shared a few days ago on his official social channel. Just over a year after the birth of her first child, she is pregnant again! No one would have ever imagined it – because until now the former face of Canale 5 had managed to keep the ‘secret’ perfectly – but you can clearly understand that the ‘sweet’ news has left everyone happy.

Ex pregnant tronista. Credits: instagram

In a few months, therefore, she will become a mother for the second time, but it would seem that behind her ‘baby bump’ there is a real battle. To tell it, it was the direct interested party accompanying the video that she shared to announce the arrival of her second baby. At the moment, she has not yet revealed her gender – so let’s assume that she is just under three months pregnant – but it would seem that not all has gone smoothly. “They are special for everything they went through before they came into the world”, it is with these words that the former tronista of Men and Women revealed what happened to his first child and his second baby to come into the world. Of course, she has not gone into details at all, but from her story it is clear that she is a real battle!

He talks about his battle: what lies behind his ‘baby bump’

She is in the third month of pregnancy and – apparently – the deadline is set for the first months of 2023. Great joy for the former tronista of Men and women, who – as well as another former suitors of the program – has not I could help but tell what happened. As we said previously, the former face of Canale 5 has chosen to tell his story battle who hides behind the ‘baby bump’, not wanting to go into details at all, but making it clear what he has had to go through. Are you curious to know who we are talking about? The answer is really simple: Ludovica Valli! On Sunday, the former tronista of Men and Women announced that she was pregnant for the second time, receiving immediate affection from her audience.

Ludovica and her Gianmaria, therefore, will be parents for the second time and Anastasia – born just over a year ago – will become a very adorable little sister. “Behind this tummy there is an incredible story: tears, screams, hugs that take our breath away”, he also told the very young Valli on Instagram. Continuing, then, to say: “I believe in destiny, I believe in incredible events, I believe in unexpected results”not hiding his strong emotion.

Post Ludovica. Credits: Instagram

Together with the many good wishes that have come for Ludovica and her family from her supporters, we cannot help but congratulate and wish the best to the young Valli.