Scudetto Naples, MPs prepare ‘party’ in the transatlantic

A banner in the classroom or a choir for the Italian champion team?

Last Sunday’s home draw with Salernitana only postponed the appointment with history. For weeks in Naples preparations have been underway for the long-awaited Scudetto party. And also in Montecitorio the Azzurri fans who live in the ‘Palazzo’ are preparing to celebrate the Italian flag, now one step away, 33 years after the last title conquered by Diego Armando Maradona’s Napoli. According to what Adnkronos learns, in fact, the members of parliament of the Napoli Club a ‘blitz’ in the Chamber with a maxi banner to unroll or simply in a celebratory choir.

The spotlights are on the Dacia Arena, where Napoli will take the field against Udinese on Thursday evening at 20.45 for the second championship match-point. If the Neapolitans achieve results, then the party could also start in the Chamber: “But it depends on the work in the Chamber…”, explains a deputy registered with the Napoli Club, an association that brings together bipartisan Azzurri supporters (from the Northern League Gianluca Cantalamessa to the Cinque Stelle Sergio Costa and Federico Cafiero De Raho, passing through the ‘green’ Francesco Emilio Borrelli and the Brothers of Italy Gimmi Cangiano and Marta Schifone, among others). Furthermore, several ladies and gentlemen are allegedly preparing to leave for Udine to follow the away team. In the coming days – again according to what has been learned – a visit by the Napoli Club Parlamento to the Castelvolturno sports center and a meeting with the management of Ssc Napoli is scheduled. Finally, a twinning with the Club Napoli ‘Roma azzurra’, the ‘enclave’ of Neapolitan fans who live in Rome, is also planned.