Scudetto Napoli, party postponed for Spalletti: “The last km is hard”

“The party will last longer…”

“The last kilometer is always the most tiring on a mental level. Salernitana closed like a hedgehog and we were a little naive about the goal we conceded”. These are the words of the Napoli coach, Luciano Spalletti, to Dazn in the post-match of Napoli-Salernitana 1-1 and the scudetto party postponed. “The boys are very sorry for not having given this happiness to a wonderful audience like tonight’s, these points are the most difficult and tiring on a mental level, then if you find a stimulated and well-trained team like Salernitana that closed like a hedgehog, it becomes difficult”.

However, the party was only postponed even if Spalletti appeared a bit disappointed. “That’s how I am, even if by chance we were to win it becomes more peaceful for me and more pleasure to see people rejoice, because you perceive the affection, the love, you have to give it to them, we represent their dream so it’s only right that they they receive it: we had to score the extra goal to give them the dream, but from my point of view the enjoyment is delayed, because in this ranking I’m not very uncomfortable here, I’m very comfortable. the celebrations because I am convinced that we will make those two points”.