Scudetto party postponed, Naples champion of Italy if …

All combinations for the tricolor

Scudetto party postponed. Napoli took the lead with Salernitana but were then caught up on a 1-1 draw and could not celebrate the arithmetic conquest of the third title in its history. What is now missing for Spalletti’s team, engaged on Thursday on the Udinese field, for certainty? And what game can he get to? Calculations in hand: Lazio lost to Inter and are at 61 points, at most they can reach 79 points. Juve can reach a maximum of 80 points. Napoli are currently at 79 and, therefore, are only two points away – relying only on their own strengths – from the arithmetical certainty of the tricolor. The calculation just seen, as mentioned, only takes into consideration the results necessary for Spalletti’s team which, therefore, by winning in Udine in the next midweek championship Thursday evening, would be certain of the title.

In reality, Lazio’s failure to win on the next day could be enough (Sarri’s team will play before Napoli, on Wednesday evening with Sassuolo) to deliver the title to Napoli. In summary: Napoli wins the championship if… they win in Udine; he scores a point in Udine and Juve doesn’t win a match between those against Bologna and Lecce; wins without playing if Juve don’t win one of the two, and Lazio don’t win against Sassuolo.