Scurati-Libero clash: “On me a trivial and dangerous attack”. Felts: “No, it’s freedom of the press”

The writer: “‘Man of M’ vulgar insult”. The director replies: “You can’t read the titles”

AND’ clash between the writer Antonio Scurati And ‘Free‘. After the article appeared today on the front page of the newspaper signed by the director Alessandro Sallusti which bears the title ‘The man of M’, referring to Scurati himself, the hard reaction of the writer arrived, collected by Adnkronos. “I do not intend to reply to what, disguised behind a banal play on words, is neither more nor less than a vulgar insultperceptible by anyone, completely clear in its meaning “, thundered Scurati.

The ‘Libero’ piece criticized
an interview on Giorgia Meloni
issued by the writer to the French newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, in which Scurati defined Meloni’s party as “Mussolini’s heir”. “I am always available for a confrontation of ideas, also and above all with those who think differently from me – said Scurati again – but any civil confrontation is made impossible by such a trivial attack on the persona kind of attacks that arms the hand of haters and exposes me and my family to dangers. “

And he also intervened at Adnkronos Vittorio Feltrito respond in kind to the words of the journalist and writer: “Scurati is unable to read the headlines – the founder of ‘Libero’ scanned – ‘M’ means Mussolini, what he has also dealt with lately from the point of editorial view. If he reads the ‘M’ as ‘Shit’ then it means that he feels that way and it’s his business, and not Libero’s business. ”

Feltri explained: “He fired a series of nonsense from our point of view and we reported him, but this falls within our rights of the free press, who – the director of Libero ironed – continues to be free despite Meloni “. dangers? He does his business, who can ever threaten him? Who ever threatened a leftist? If anything, they are the leftists who were the Red Brigades who killed the others, if I remember correctly “.

(by Ilaria Floris)