Sea out, success continues: platinum disc and maybe US remake

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The huge wave of success it has swept does not stop Sea outthe Italian television series produced by Rai Fiction and Picomedia which has kept viewers attached to the screen since 2020.
Now in its third season, it’s now more of a cultural phenomenon than a “simple” TV show (although any TV show is never simple at all. We use quotation marks for that).
The series that tells the story of some inmates and staff members of the imaginary IPM (Juvenile Penitentiary Institute) of Naples, loosely based on the Nisida prison, continues to gain acclaim, both from critics and from the public.
With over 35 million overall streams for the single O Mar For (published, like the entire soundtrack, by Rai Com and distributed by Believe), the theme song of the TV series Sea out wins the platinum record. And that’s not all: there is now talk of a request for an adaptation from the United States, as the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati has declared to Ansa in these hours (who also speaks of sales in as many as 40 countries).

The director of Rai Fiction told Ansa about these new important goals of their phenomenal series. She did it herself on the occasion of the delivery of the platinum disc for the song O Mar For. The prestigious recognition was presented by Luca Daher (Believe Managing Director) and the Believe Italia team to Stefano Lentini and Lorenzo Gennaro (music authors), Raiz (voice in the O Mar For and actor in the third season of the series), as well as Angelo Teodoli, CEO of Rai Com.

And news is now emerging relating to the “request for an adaptation from the United States for which Rai is in negotiations and sales in 40 countries”, adds Maria Pia Ammirati.

You can watch the official video clip of the song O mar fortheme song of the television series of records Sea outin the video that we propose at the end of this article.

A series-phenomenon that has fascinated the public for three seasons

Sea outthe third season of which was recently aired on Rai 2 and Raiplay, tells the story of boys and girls of the prison for minors in Naples, the imaginary IPM.
The show has launched young actors, including Matteo Paolillo (also co-author and voice of O Mar For), Nicolas Maupas, Massimiliano Caiazzo, Kyshan Wilson, Valentina Romani. One of his most important figures is that of “going beyond the Italian borders, having those universal accents that we are all looking for”, adds Ammirati.

The director of Rai Fiction: “This time we got the ingredients right, including the music”

“Evidently this time we got the ingredients right, including the music”, points out the director of Rai Fiction Maria Pia Ammirati. “Everything is based on the screenplay (the creator of the series is Cristiana Farina, who wrote it with Maurizio Careddu). In my opinion this is one of the best written Italian series, it knows how to put together many narrative lines making them a polyphony of voices”, underlines Ammirati.

The audience is very young, but kids encourage their parents to watch the series

Maria Pia Ammirati known as Sea out is characterized by “a very young audience: it starts with children and teenagers aged eight and up, a difficult audience to reach, who arrived at the public service through digital, and includes parents, enticed by their children to watch it”.

The fourth season is expected in 2024

The fourth season “will be aired in 2024. Shooting will begin in May-June”, explains Angelo Teodoli, CEO of Rai Com upon delivery of the platinum disc. “There will also be new songs for the new season and in agreement with Picomedia (which co-produces the series) will publish a series of books, fiction, music, books, an editorial universe to touch all the strings in a different way, to tell stories that exist and need positive visibility”, continues Teodoli .

Stefano Lentini, author of the song “O mar for”: “What is happening is incredible”

“The prize for O mar for it is an award that Lorenzo and I share with Matteo Paolillo, co-author of the piece”, declares Stefano Lentini, collecting the platinum disc. “It is incredible what is happening. Sea out more than a series is becoming an experience, on many levels, musical, emotional, cultural. We get all kinds of thank you messages, unexpected for someone like me who deals with film music. I hope this attention will not crumble and that it can also be used to improve the living conditions of those who are truly in a juvenile detention institution”.

Raiz: “Amazing to see the kids singing these songs”

Raiz, backing vocals in O mar For and signing four other songs on the soundtrack (as well as being an actor in the third season of the series), talks about what for him is the most surprising aspect: “The most amazing thing is seeing the kids singing these songs”.
Born Gennaro Della Volpe, Raiz is one of the most popular contemporary songwriters in Naples. He is the frontman of the band Almamegretta, the Neapolitan cult group that mixes trip hop, reggae, dub, rap and Neapolitan songs. Formed in Naples in 1988 and still active today, the Almamegretta are among the artists with the highest number of awards from the Tenco Club, with three Targhe Tenco, and the most awarded group ever.

The Almamegretta workshop in the true Neapolitan Ipm of Nisida

Raiz was also the protagonist of a recent workshop in the real Neapolitan Ipm of Nisida, together with the Almamegretta keyboardist, Pier Paolo Polcari, and fifteen guys. “We encouraged them to write lyrics about freedom, from which we drew a song that we set to music,” Raiz explained to Ansa. “Being able to touch the hearts of these kids, who have also committed very serious crimes, is a small achievement”.

You can watch the official video of the song below O mar fortheme song of the television series Sea out.