Sea out, wonderful news for the young actor: what happened

Sea out, wonderful news has arrived for the young actor of the cast: what happened.

Created by Cristiana Farina and Maurizio Careddu, Mare Fuori has had an impressive success, especially in recent times, with its arrival on Netflix. The plot tells in the foreground the stories of a group of boys who are in the Institute of Juvenile Penalty in Naples. This debuted in 2020 on Rai 2.

Mare fuori, actor (credits. Youtube)

At the beginning the series did not immediately meet the appreciation of the public but after the airing of the following episodes everything changed, and the viewers who followed it were over a million. In Mare Fuori we got to know young actors, someone in their first steps, someone already known. Of course, over the seasons there is always the arrival of new characters and new twists.

The success of the first season led to the realization of the second match on Rai exactly like the previous one. This too, like the first, captured the attention of the public during the episodes. The series thus reached quite high ratings so that in 2022 the rights were purchased by Beta Film for international distribution and agreements were made with networks in other countries. In recent months Mare Fuori has celebrated a new milestone, it has also arrived on Netflix. Those who had not followed the plot, finding it on the platform, had the curiosity to discover it. This led to an incredible success of the series. In the last few days, new news has arrived regarding one of the actors of the cast: the celebrations do not stop for him!

Sea out, wonderful news for the young actor: what happened at the Venice Film Festival

Mare fuori has also arrived on Netflix and found the same success it had on the Rai network. When she debuted for the first time on television she did not immediately reach great ratings but during the episodes she managed to capture the attention of the public. The same happened with the second season.

The stories of the boys who are in the Institute of Juvenile Penalty in Naples have led viewers to experience a new reality, to reflect. In the last few days the Venice Film Festival has been held. Great actors and movie stars arrived at the event. Just one actor from the series arrived in Venice welcomed by an important award. We are talking about Nicolas Maupas who plays Filippo Ferrari called o ‘chiattillo in Mare fuori.

sea ​​out actor
Mare fuoir, news (credits: intsgaram)

This is the first time for him on the red carpet and he did not expect to receive this important recognition. The young actor won the Next Generation Awards as best actor revelation of Mare Fuori. In an interview with Vogue he commented on what happened: “The award I receive fills me with joy and gives me the opportunity to breathe this very creative international atmosphere“.