Sea: Seif 2023 ends, sea defense restarts from the Island of Elba

The fifth edition of Seif – Sea Essence International Festival, the international festival dedicated to the sea, its protection and its essence, has concluded in Marciana Marina, on the Island of Elba. ‘Transitions’ this year’s theme to tell the environmental, economic and social transitions, climate change, and the blue economy between history, economy, art, anthropology, culture, politics and music. Organized by the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation, Seif 2023 received the endorsement of the United Nations Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) and the patronage, among others, of the Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security , of the Ministry for Civil Protection and Marine Policies, of the Tuscany Region and of all the Municipalities of the Island of Elba.

“An edition full of ideas and contributions. With Seif, the Island of Elba has confirmed itself as a privileged stage for giving voice to the sea and to those who live there every day. Indeed, one of the objectives of the Acqua d’Elba Foundation is to highlight the central role of the sea in our daily lives and to remind us to protect and enhance it, in order to bring about growing sustainability for the marine ecosystem”, explains Fabio Murzi, president of the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation.

For Eugenio Giani, president of the Tuscany Region, the event “touches and explores issues on which the Region has also been working for some time” so that “important answers can come from the sea for that ecological transition which has been at the center of a new Plan since last October region, the regional plan for ecological transition.A strategic tool which, directly involving citizens and the scientific world, aims to combat pollution and climate change and protect ecosystems and biodiversity and help the Blue Economy grow”.

Environmental transition: Italy must accelerate

First workshop “Change the climate, change the sea”, dedicated to the environmental transition. Pollution, overexploitation of resources, loss of biodiversity, acidification of the seas and increase in plastic waste: there is still a lot to do to achieve Goal 14 of the 2030 Agenda (“conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development”) and reverse course: according to data, sea level will rise by 30 cm by 2050, regardless of how much carbon emissions are reduced globally, and will continue until 2100, exceeding even 60 cm.

This is why it is essential to accelerate, starting with the funds made available by the Pnrr, giving more strength to the Pniec and supporting the EU regulation proposal for the recovery of ecosystems and biodiversity. Without forgetting the awareness, starting from the youngest, with experience in the field, in particular on the issue of microplastics. The appeal was launched by Maria Siclari, general manager of Ispra; Alfredo Reder, Cmcc Foundation; Enrico Giovannini, scientific director of Asvis; Johanna Wiedling and Roman Lehner of Sail&Explore.

Economic transition and Blue Economy: the energy of the sea

Second day dedicated to economic transition and the blue economy, to take stock of activities related to the marine sector, from sustainable fishing to the production of renewable energy. A special mention was given to the children of the Marciana Marina middle school who, with The Crazy Team group, presented the marine turbine project created as part of the Oltre La Robotica Award. Finally, social transition, to tell the sea through “The stories that change the sea”, a workshop conducted by Rossella Muroni, scientific director of Seif 2023, and with Massimo Canino, journalist and writer who is conducting a long tour with his sailboat the whole Tuscan archipelago.

Space also for Ocean Education with Francesca Santoro (Senior Program Officer for IOC/Unesco), Angelica Ricci (Elba Youth Forum) and marine biologist Marta Musso, while Davide Fiz, creator of the Smart Walking project, told on stage his story of a walker who is crossing all of Italy on foot along coastal paths that allow you to go trekking with a view of the sea. The Acqua dell’Elba Foundation and the Tuscan Archipelago National Park are collaborating to relaunch and make these routes more usable, aimed at hikers and amateurs, families, children, schools and to attract hiking tourism throughout the months of the year.

Finally, Maria Cristina Galli, professor at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, presented the Acqua dell’Elba Art Award, an integral part of the activity of the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation, which shares the theme ‘Transitions’ with Seif, interpreted by 20 young artists, in exhibition until July 9 in Portoferraio.