Seaside cities towards ‘status’, table with Santanchè in 15 days

The Minister of Tourism at the G20 Spiagge meeting in Rome: “The reform will not come at no cost, more services are needed”. Cities: “At work to finalize the bill”.

“I believe very much in the status of seaside city, in having a regulatory framework. It is a challenge and an opportunity and today I undertake to convene a table at the ministry within 15 days, I will listen to your network”. This is what was announced by the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè, responding to the requests for recognition that over twenty tourist centers on the sea are asking the Government and Parliament with a bill currently being drafted. Recognition that should pass, according to the minister, also for a greater endowment of resources such as to allow the mayors to cope with the large flow of tourists in the summer months to offer adequate services in terms of safety, waste collection and much more . In fact, today Santanchè took part in the G20 Spiagge summit in Rome which was attended by numerous parliamentarians from all sides and categories in the sector.

“Come with written proposals – said Santanchè inviting the mayors gathered in Rome – I’m waiting for you to listen to proposals, among other things today there are parliamentarians from all sides – he underlined – and this will have to be a parliamentary initiative. This time we have the times we will make it,” said the minister. “We have to understand what the best solutions are, it is not a reform to be done at no cost because there is a need for resources to increase services, for example in the period of increased tourism the same vigilantes cannot remain as when there is no need, we have to think carefully”.

Satisfaction was expressed by the coordinator of the G20 Beaches Roberta Nesto. “The important thing is to start. We have obtained the result we hoped for, that is to start with the concreteness of an administrative and regulatory procedure. And that is what Minister Santanchè has proposed to us: let’s meet and start putting a path on paper. And it is that of the table for the development of a bill”. This is what the coordinator of the G20 Spiagge Roberta Nesto and the mayor of Cavallino-Treporti (Ve) claimed at the end of the meeting

“We are not asking for privileges, but the recognition of the peculiarities of our cities, which are very small centers in winter, but metropolises in summer – said Nesto – There is a need to provide services to resident citizens, but also to guests. The status of seaside towns is now an urgent need”. In view of the table that will be held in a couple of weeks, “we will try to put a rough idea on paper, so that Minister Santanché has a starting point on which we will discuss, we are ready to work”. “We are very pleased that it has been understood by politics, by Minister Santanchè and by the parliamentarians, that there must also be resources”.