Second classified at Masterchef 7, what is Kateryna doing today? There comes great news

She finished second at Masterchef 7, but do you know what Kateryna is doing today? Here comes some great news: what we have discovered.

After reliving the emotions that alternated during the second final of Masterchef, the large audience of the talent cannot help but miss the reruns of the seventh edition. In fact, the first episodes were broadcast in recent days, focused on casting and the formation of the new brigade, but remember who its competitors were.

Kateryna Masterchef. Credits: Youtube

True Masterchef lovers can hardly forget the seventh edition of the talent. After several years from the beginning of his journey in talent, the beloved chef Carlo Cracco has chosen to say ‘goodbye’ to the program, leaving everyone stunned.

The very young Simone Scipioni won that edition of Masterchef, as also told in our very recent article. To win the second place, however, it was her: Kateryna! Already at the time of her casting, the young woman had captured the attention of all four judges, obtaining the apron for the next phase and the pass to become a competitor of the talent. During her journey, then, she did nothing but confirm what the four chefs had already thought of her: her was a pure talent! But what do we know today about her? Simone changed her life after Masterchef, but what about her? Sifting through her Instagram channel, we learned very sweet news. Let’s find out what the second place of Masterchef 7.

Remember Kateryna, the runner-up of Masterchef 7? What does it do today

Right from the start, therefore, the very young Kateryna impressed the judges of Masterchef and as she progressed along her path she continued to demonstrate how cooking was her greatest aspiration. What has changed after the famous talent? As we said, the twenty-six year old from Salerno is ranked second to Masterchef 7, yet – sifting through her Instagram channel – we discovered that she still managed to make her dream come true. We don’t know exactly where she works, but in some of her shots of her the beautiful Kateryna is shown wearing a white uniform typical of chefs.

If at the time of Masterchef, Kateryna was unemployed, now it seems to be no longer. And this, as we can clearly understand, is already splendid news. Be very careful, though: this is by no means the only one. During her participation in the program, the young woman told her that she was married and was madly in love with her husband. Tracking her down on Instagram by sifting through her channel carefully, we learned that her love story continues and she does it really great! Not only, in fact, the chef loves sharing shots of her wedding day, but also sweet couple photos. Here is one:

second classified masterchef 7
Kateryna marries. Credits: Instagram

They are really beautiful together, no doubt about it! We wish you both a wonderful life!