Second place to Masterchef 4, but then the unthinkable happened: no one would have said it

He finished second at Masterchef 4, but after the talent the unthinkable happened: no one would have ever imagined it.

There are many TV programs that have alternated in all these on our channels, but Masterchef it is among those that continue to enjoy impressive success. Dedicated to all cooking lovers, the talent offers aspiring chefs the opportunity to juggle the stoves of a professional kitchen and let real stars in the culinary field taste their dishes.

Masterchef 4. Credits: Youtube

Very little time has passed since Tracy’s victory in the course of the eleventh season of the program, but many are asking for some more information on those who have left their mark during the previous editions. Recently, for example, we told you about Federico Francesco Ferrero and his life today. Many, however, wonder what happened to the young Nicolò Prati! Became a competitor of Masterchef 4, the young student managed to rank in second place. What happened, however, immediately after the talent? Maybe not everyone would have ever imagined it, but after the talent finale the unthinkable really happened! Let’s find out something more.

How Nicolò’s life changed after second place at Masterchef

He was only 21 when he attended Masterchef 4, but Nicolò Prati was able to easily distinguish himself from all his other companions. He then he did not manage to win the title of winner but the second place, yet once his experience in the famous talent is over, the young agricultural student has amply demonstrated that he has very clear ideas about his future. How has his life changed today? Several years have passed since he participated in the program and since he managed to win the podium, but many are curious to know what happened immediately after. Maybe not everyone imagines it, but Nicolò’s life changed radically after the program.

According to what is learned from the web, in fact, it would seem that Nicolò – once his experience in Masterchef’s kitchen was over – started working as a chef in various restaurants of a certain caliber. Very soon, however, the very young Prati would have taken a drastic decision: to ‘abandon’ this world and devote himself to something else. Of course, his passion for cooking hasn’t abandoned her at all and – from time to time – he even shares some dishes on his Instagram channel, but today Nicolò seems to be dedicating his time to another passion of his: the farm! In fact, we read that he has taken over the reins in the hands of the family farm. And that he is dedicating body and soul to it.

masterchef 4 second place
Nicolò Prati today. Credits: Instagram

It was a real talent of Masterchef, would you have ever imagined such a choice?