Secondigliano, down from the balcony to escape the hitmen: 50-year-old dead

The ambush in the night, the victim’s body with bullet wounds. The Naples flying squad is investigating the case

Would be Raffaele Cinque, a 50-year-old killed last night in Secondigliano, flew from the balcony of his house to escape the assassins, on the outskirts of Naples, in a Camorra-style ambush. The agents of the mobile squad of the Naples Police Headquarters are investigating the case and are trying to reconstruct the exact dynamics of the events. The agents of the Secondigliano police station and those of the Flying Squad intervened in via dello Scirocco, on the outskirts of Naples, following the report of an explosion of gunshots.

There victim was lying on the ground under the house, injured by some bullets and from the fall. According to what we learn, with a history of robbery and theft, Raffaele Cinque would not be considered affiliated with the Camorra clans in the area. According to a first hypothesis, the 50-year-old may have been the victim of a score-settlement.