Secret Invasion, the explanation of the ending of the Marvel TV series

Secret Invasion is over, leaving its audience speechless: with episode 6, the television series available on Disney+ (also visible on Sky Glass, Sky Q and via the app on the Now Smart Stick) has come to an end. With the ending, however, several questions are racking the viewers. Below we explain in detail what happened in the last episode of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. Clearly in this article you will find many spoilersso don’t read it if you haven’t already watched all six episodes that make up the show.

Let’s start with James Rhodes, who returned after being replaced by a Skrull. Gi’ah is now among the strongest characters in the MCU. Nick Fury helped (unwittingly) ignite a war between Skrulls and humans.
Let’s understand, step by step, what happened in the sixth and last episode of Secret Invasion.

What happened in the final episode of Secret Invasion

The spy played by Samuel L. Jackson enters on a straight leg immediately at the beginning of the sixth and final episode of Secret Invasion.

Nick Fury stated that he would patch things up with Gravik, so he headed over to the New Skrullos. Just before breaking down the door, he calls Priscilla, her wife: he tells her that she might not make it, it’s possible that she won’t get out alive.
At that point Fury goes through the nuclear complex. The character cannot survive the radiation inside the complex, and in fact the former director of SHIELD starts coughing and can hardly speak.
Nick Fury has to deliver the “Harvest” to Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir). After handing him the vial containing the powers of the Avengers and their enemies, Fury attempts to reason with the Skrull. He offers him to leave the Earth and go to colonize another planet, but Gravik doesn’t want to hear about it. He activates the machine and begins to absorb the powers.

But, twist, it turns out that Fury…

At that point it turns out that Fury … is not Fury! Gi’ah was impersonating the spy. She and the Gravik then absorbed the powers of every MCU hero they fought in Avengers: Endgame (and not only that. Now they are very powerful).
A clash begins between the two Super Skrulls who, after absorbing the powers of the Avengers and beyond, are really very powerful. G’iah will have the upper hand, who will kill Gravik using Captain Marvel’s powers combined with those of Cull Obsidian.
The young Skrull then knocks out Gravik. During the confrontation at New Skrullos, the false Rhodey (Don Cheadle) in the United States is trying to convince US President Ritson to nuke Russia. He is stopped by Sonya (Olivia Colman) and the real Nick Fury. These two characters will kill him, thus proving to the president that he was a Skrull.
Despite Fury having saved the President who was in the hands of the Skrull Rhodey and killed the enemy, Ritson decides to introduce a law that makes all aliens enemies of the Earth. After the President’s words, many people on Earth begin to take justice into their own hands, killing anyone suspected of being a Skrull.

Finally G’iah and Sonya team up

G’iah and Sonya agree to team up. Sonya shows the young Skrull a laboratory where there are humans kept in stasis form: these are replaced over time by the Skrull people.
G’iah frees the humans who had been replaced, including Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) and the real Colonel Rhodes. Although there is no specification as to when the two were replaced, one detail that has not gone unnoticed is that Rhodey is wearing the same hospital gown worn in Captain America: Civil War. So the assumption is that the replacement took place at that time.

Fury tries to get President Ritson to backtrack, asking him to cancel the declaration of war on the Skrull people. The President refuses and tells Fury to get the Skrull people off Earth if he wants to save them.
Fury returns to SABER with his wife Varra (Charlayne Woodard). They will leave and together they will draw up a peace agreement between humans and Skrulls. The final episode of the series concludes with the two sharing a kiss, after which they enter the spaceship together.
That’s how it ends Secret Invasionwithout the classic post-credit scene that Marvel Studios has accustomed us to (scene that often says a lot about the future of the plot).

Gi’ah is at the center of Secret Invasion

If one were to point to a focus of the TV series, that would undoubtedly be the character of Gi’ah. She got the powers from the Harvest, so the daughter of Talos is now even stronger than the Super Skrull from the comics. The character played by Emilia Clarke joined that of Sonia Falsworth (played by Olivia Colman): together they opposed the war between Skrulls and humans.
Now many are wondering what Gi’ah’s next appearance will be (and many are betting on one of the many crossover films in the Marvel universe).

James Rhodes was a Skrull

Secret Invasion revealed, among other things, that James Rhodes has been a Skrull for a long time (which many fans already suspected, anyway).
When he’s pulled out of the pod, Rhodes can’t answer Officer Ross’s question about how long he’s been down there, however there’s a clue that might explain it. When the soldiers help James Rhodes out of the bunker, we notice that he struggles to walk on his own, deprived of strength as he is. This detail may indicate that the hero has been out of action all along Captain America: Civil War.

The joke uttered by the character of Don Cheadle about a secret meeting that took place 15 years earlier suggests that that time coincides with the assumption of the role in Iron Man II. This means that he has not been a Skrull all along and that we are talking about an agent who has been double-crossing for much longer than initially assumed.

The love story between Varra and Nick Fury seems to have rekindled

And Varra and Nick Fury? It seems that the embers of their love story have not died out at all, on the contrary: it is probable that their love story has rekindled.
She will attempt to help diplomacy between the Kree and the Skrulls. The problem is that on the other side there doesn’t seem to be anyone willing to bury war leaves: in fact, the villain of The Marvels is a Kree revolutionary.
The war is on two fronts: on the one hand there are the humans who declare war on the Skrulls, on the other there are the Kree and the Skrulls.
There will be a comparison in Captain America: Brave New World or in Thunderbolts?
What many fans are expecting is that there may be a larger confrontation in Captain America: Brave New World or in Thunderbolts.

Secret Invasion, the series inspired by the 2008 Marvel comic of the same name

The television series Secret Invasion is based on the adventures of superheroes from the Marvel universe. The plot is inspired by the homonymous Marvel comic written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Leinil Francis Yu, first published in 2008.
The story revolves around a threat of epic scope. The entire Marvel universe is threatened.
The Skrulls, an alien race of metamorphs, have infiltrated Earth and plan a devastating invasion. Skrulls have the ability to take on the appearance of anyone, including superheroes and important government figures (even the President of the United States of America could be replaced). This makes it impossible to distinguish enemies and friends.

The great protagonist is Nick Fury

Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson) is the former director of SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division). He will be the first to discover the Skrull infiltration. He will then recruit a team of highly trained superheroes with whom he will face a mission to thwart the invasion and protect the Earth.

In the series tension and suspense are at the highest levels because no one can be sure who is a Skrull and who is a human. There’s also the interesting aspect of the moral dilemma whereby characters become suspicious even of their own allies and loved ones. These dynamics test personal relationships and alliances in the world of superheroes.