Security leaders for the digital cities of the future in Rome

The Department of Security Policies and the Cybersecurity and Urban Security Department of Rome Capital organized a conference that involved the entire sector

“Digital cities, center of gravity between regulations, technologies, cybersecurity and personal rights”, this is the title of the conference that took place in the Sala della Protomoteca of Roma Capitale, organized by the Department of Security Policies and the Cybersecurity and Urban Security Department of Rome Capitale, with the patronage of the Prefecture of Rome, the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data and the National Cybersecurity Agency. An opportunity to analyze the impact that new technologies have on social life and, above all, their connections with urban security, new cybersecurity needs and the protection of citizens’ data. The introductory greetings were given by the Councilor for Security Policies of Rome Capital, Monica Lucarelli, who reiterated how “The integration between cybersecurity and physical security in a Department was a far-sighted policy, strongly desired by the current administration of Rome Capital ”. The Prefect of Rome, Lamberto Giannini, declared: “The presence in Rome of a Department that integrates cyber security with physical security is of particular importance, also in view of an important challenge such as that of the Jubilee, to accompany the city towards a digital dimension that allows the increase of services and opportunities, but which needs to be accompanied by security and awareness”.

Prefect Bruno Frattasi, Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency (ACN), said: “The integrated management of physical security and digital security offers a range of enormous opportunities for cities, from improving sustainable city mobility to enjoyment of public services and daily life. It is one of the enabling factors for living in what we define as smart cities, which have the ability to serve the citizen in a holistic dimension. A city, a digitalized capital that looks at all the various aspects of civil life and offers the citizen a prospect of a better life from the point of view of the use of services, the relationship with work and leisure. To offer a life more on a human scale and centered on the needs of the person and their family”. Many high-level interventions were preceded by the report by the Director of the Cybersecurity and Urban Security Department, Nicla Diomede, promoter of the event, who summarized the future vision of Roma Capitale “which does not only want to be the eternal city, but also a city of future, an objective to be achieved not only thanks to political vision, but also with managerial and technical skills, to create that ecosystem of trust and widespread culture of a digital city, both outside the administration and inside it” . The contributions in this sense are invaluable, among others, from the Director of the Postal Police, Ivano Gabrielli; of the Guarantor Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, represented by the lawyer Guido Scorza; of the General Director of Roma Capitale, Paolo Aielli; by Ugo Angeloni, General Commander of the Local Police Force of Rome Capital; by Antonio Ragonesi, Head of Security Area of ​​the ANCI and representatives of the Guardia di Finanza and the Carabinieri.