Seeing Elodie’s mother will leave you breathless: when beauty is in the DNA

Since her participation in the fifteenth edition of Amici, Elodie is one of the most loved singers in Italy: do you know who her mother is?

A magnificent voice and dizzying beauty, qualities that have allowed her to conquer the public since her participation in the 2015/2016 edition of Friends. After 5 years, Elodie Di Patrizi is a true star of Italian music and at the age of 31 he boasts collaborations with the greatest Italian artists.

Seeing Elodie’s mother will leave you speechless: when beauty is in the DNA (Instagram)

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Not only that: his attendance at the Sanremo Festival, both as a competitor and as a co-host. A success that came after a difficult past: “I could make a film of my life from 8 to 23”, he confessed some time ago in an interview with Corriere della Sera in which he told quite turbulent aspects of his adolescence without filters.

To mark it in particular were the difficult divorce of parents and the his mother’s illness, fortunately healed today. Speaking of Elodie’s mom, have you ever seen her? Get ready to be speechless, she is truly a beautiful woman!

Who is Claudia Marthe, mother of Elodie: crazy resemblance!

Let’s start immediately by saying that mother and daughter have two things in common: beauty and passion for art. Well yes: Elodie’s mother, Claudia Marthe, is a visual artist.

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Of Creole origins, the woman comes from Guadeloupe, in the French Antilles. It is not known how she met Roberto, Elodie’s father from whom she divorced and it seems that she currently has no partner. On her Instagram profile she often posts her works and is passionate about tattoos and animals.

The bond with her daughter has been characterized by frequent ups and downs, but the love between the two is palpable in the images that portray them together. Short blonde hair and green eyes, Claudia Marthe she is truly a gorgeous woman just like her beautiful Elodie.

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Elodie's mother
Photo source: Instagram

See how wonderful?