Seeing Irama’s house will leave you speechless: all the ‘details’ of the house

Seeing Irama’s house will leave you speechless: a light color predominates and the details are well cared for, in old style.

We saw Irama at the Sanremo 2022 Festival. The singer-songwriter participated in the festival with the song Wherever you will be. On the stage of the Ariston he thrilled the audience with a text full of meaning and his voice.

Have you ever seen Irama’s house? There is a predominant color and the details are well cared for (Credits: instagram)

At the final evening he finished fourth. The artist later revealed that this song is dedicated to his grandmother. This is his third participation in the Sanremo Festival. Last year, on his debut evening, one of the artist’s collaborators tested positive for Covid-19. After the negative result of his swab, he is theoretically ‘forced’ to retire. But Amadeus changes the rules and decides to broadcast the video in which Irama sings the song during rehearsals instead of having it exhibited live. Despite not performing live, Irama ranks fifth out of 26 artists competing.

The singer was born in Carrara but is Milanese by adoption. In one of the singles he wanted to sing about his bond and his home was the set of the video clip: have you seen where he lives?

Where Irama lives: seeing her house will leave you speechless, the ‘details’ are well cared for

Irama is a much loved Italian singer. His real name is Filippo Maria Fanti. He officially made his debut in the recording scene by participating in the sixty-sixth Sanremo Festival in 2016 with the single What will remain in the “New Proposals” category. Popularity and success came in 2018 following the victory of the seventeenth edition of Friends of Maria De Filippi.

In one of his singles released in 2020, Milanthe singer-songwriter wanted to tell the link with this city and his home was the set of the music video. For this, we could see some spaces and details of where he lives.

irama house
Credits: instagram

It would appear that he lives in an old apartment with parquet floors.

House of irama
Credits: instagram

The predominant color is white, on the walls there are not the usual paintings but a series of important music magazines. There is also a black leather sofa in contrast with the rest of the room. Also in the other rooms light colors predominate.

Credits: youtube

This photo above is taken from the music video of the song, in which we see Irama singing.