Seeing Luca Argentero as a teenager will leave you speechless: how he has changed

What was Luca Argentero like as a teenager? Seeing him in this shot will leave you speechless: how the actor has changed over the years

A few weeks after the second season of the beloved fiction broadcast on Rai 1, Doc-In your hands, ended. Luca Argentero, leading actor of the well-known fiction, has achieved over the course of his career a truly amazing success! And after the season ended, the actor made a very important announcement!

Luca Argentero, have you ever seen the actor just a teenager? How has it changed (Credits; Instagram)

Private life and work represent a constellation of successes for the actor. Loving dad and husband, very much in love with his family. An actor who steals the show on the screen and keeps everyone glued to the screen but not only. Luca Argentero has returned to the theater, and we can say that the actor has achieved a crazy success on stage as well. From the success to the Big Brother in which he participated in 2003 reaching the third place during the final, Luca Argentero has become a beloved character on the screens. First a model, then he started a series of television collaborations and then an acting career that paved the way for incredible success.

Today he turns 44, he is a very popular and beloved actor! We will certainly remember him very young at the beginning, but what was Luca Argentero like as a teenager? We can answer this question with an unprecedented shot that you can’t miss at all. You will be amazed to see the actor like this, take a look!

Seeing him as a teenager will leave you speechless, as Luca Argentero has changed in recent years

An engaging smile, kindness and sex appeal and obviously an undisputed talent in front of the camera. Luca Argentero is certainly one of the most loved faces in the Italian art scene, and it could not be otherwise after the success achieved. But before then, and therefore before his television debut, as it was Luca Argentero?

Today with a grizzled beard and hair, but what was the beloved actor like as a kid? In this shot, we barely find it teenager. The shot published in his social gallery shows Luca Argentero in the ‘distant’ 90s. It is immediately visible how our actor has changed over time since then. A really noticeable difference is certainly given by the hair.

luca argentero teenager
Credits; Instagram

Long, thick and curly hair that covers the face of Luca Argentero who here still plays the role of a simple ‘boy’ unaware of his future.