Seeing these photos of Vanessa Incontrada will leave you speechless

The talented Vanessa Incontrada has always been beautiful as the sun, from a young age: these photos clearly demonstrate it!

Beauty, friendliness and talent have made her one of the most admired women on the small screen and since her beginnings she has been engaged in both acting and conducting with brilliant results. She has been modeling since the age of 17, Vanessa Incontrada was born in Barcelona in an Italian-Catalan family and then landed in the beautiful country where she found success.

Vanessa Incontrada in the past (Credits: Instagram)

In addition to her magnificent work ranging from TV programs to very popular fiction, in recent years she has often been talked about in relation to body positivity. Yes, because Incontrada has repeatedly been the target of absurd controversies and insults for her extra pounds to which she reacted in a masterly way.

Without ever letting herself be disheartened by criticism, she has shown with her attitude that she is equally comfortable with herself and with her body. In doing so, she has given everyone a wise life lesson and an excellent example to follow. Given her enormous popularity, almost everyone will remember her in her early twenties, when she was in her twenties. Super on Italy 1. From then on, Vanessa has changed a lot and here we want to show you her evolution over the years.

Vanessa Incontrada, the unmissable photos of the past: did you remember her that way?

It was 1998 when the beautiful 43-year-old Italian-Catalan made her debut on Italian TV: her face and body were certainly more like a girl, but her features already had that charm that has always accompanied her. And that has never decreased, quite the contrary!

Vanessa Incontrada photo
Vanessa Incontrada at the beginning (Credits: Youtube)

Although she was very young, one could already admire her ease in front of the cameras and in fact afterwards Super for her the TV doors have opened wide. Vanessa thus began to lead various programs until she reached great success in 2004 with Zelig where he worked alongside Claudio Bisio until 2010.

Here we see her during an episode of the comedy show back in 2006. She had already lightened her hair and sported a truly enviable physical shape. The naturalness of her face is the quality of her that she still retains now, so much so that she has never resorted to cosmetic surgery and, judging by her shots without makeup, we can really say that she does not need it at all. !

Vanessa Incontrada photo
Vanessa Incontrada, images of the past (Credits: Instagram)

Even as an actress, her career is one of the brightest: in the image below we see her on the set of Dinner to introduce thema 2006 film by Pupi Avati with Diego Abatantuono, Violante Placido, Francesca Neri and other well-known actors.

Vanessa Incontrada photo
Vanessa Incontrada early years (Credits: Instagram)

A gallery of images that confirm what we have always known: Vanessa Incontrada is of a truly unique beauty.