‘Segesta Festival’ opens under the sign of Battiato and closes with a De Andrè in Sicilian

Alice for the opening concert, ‘The good news’ translated into the island dialect for the closing – Among the artists present Giuseppe Pambieri, Sonia Bergamasco, Jan Fabre, Stefano Bollani, Lino Patruno, Gabriele Vacis, Carlotta Proietti, Ruben Rigillo, Giovanni Sollima – The program from 28 July to 27 August signed by the artistic director Claudio Collovà

“Bringing tradition and innovation together, traces of history and openness to the future”. This is the declared objective of the second edition of the ‘Segesta Theater Festival’ which, beyond the sign, focuses on multidisciplinarity between prose, music, dance, literature, science. The opening on July 28 and the closing on August 27 – inside the archaeological park which will host its shows at the Greek theater and the Doric temple – are in the spirit of two great songwriters who have disappeared: Franco Battiato for the concert of Alice ‘You were with me’, Fabrizio De Andrè for his ‘Buona Novella’ translated into Sicilian dialect.

In between, space for classical authors – such as Sophocles for ‘Oedipus at Colonus’ with Joseph Pambieri; Aristophanes for ‘The conflicts of Lysistrata’ in collaboration with Inda, the National Institute of Ancient Drama which manages the season of the classical cycle at the Greek Theater of Syracuse; Aeschylus for the ‘Prometheus’ read by Gabriel Vacis; Shakespeare for ‘Much ado about nothing’ but in the reinterpretation signed by Andrea Camilleri which became the title ‘Troppu trafficu pi nenti’ with Carlotta Proietti And Reuben Rigillo directed by Giuseppe Dipasquale – and to contemporary writers, from Alessandro Baricco and his show ‘Sul tempo e sull’amore’, to Ruggero Cappuccio for ‘Resurrexit Cassandra’ protagonist Sonia Bergamasco with Jan Fabre. There will be too Stefano Bollani with a ‘Piano Solo’, Lino Patruno And John Sollima.

“The first edition of the Segesta Festival also supported by ministry of culture saw the public crowd the audience and we are certain that success will be repeated for this second season too, with 28 titles and a total of 36 replicas, wide-ranging and in the name of multidisciplinarity, for a program on which we have been working since last fall,” says the artistic director Claudio Collovà. “Music will be very present, in dialogue with the theater scene and with prose, dance, poetry”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)