Segregated his daughter for 24 years, Josef Fritzl could be released from prison

He had kidnapped and segregated his daughter Elizabeth for 24 years, having incestuous relations with her from which seven children were born. Now for Josef Fritzl, the so-called “Monster of Amstetten”, the prison doors could open wide. The request for his release, as also reported by Sky News, was the lawyer of the 88-year-old Austrian, who hopes the man can be transferred to a nursing home.

A new psychiatric report

Fritzl was jailed for life in 2009 for killing one of his sons through negligence, as well as rape, incest and enslaving his daughter. The man is currently locked up in a security unit for mentally disturbed people in the Stein prison in Krems, right near his hometown of Amstetten. He only moves with a walker and a new psychiatric evaluation has established that he suffers from senile dementia and no longer represents a risk to society. Hence the proposal from his lawyer who is pushing for his release, so much so that he has announced the request for parole.

The story that shocked Austria

The man had been at the center of a case that shocked Austria in 2008. He had held his daughter prisoner since she was 18 in a bunker under his home. He had told his wife and friends that Elisabeth had run away with a sect. But the illness of one of the seven children resulting from incest and the need to have him treated brought the whole story to light. Fritzl was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Elisabeth and her children were given new identities and are currently living under protection.