Seif 2023, the festival dedicated to the protection of the sea is back

From 30 June to 2 July on the Island of Elba

On the Island of Elba, from 30 June to 2 July, Seif (Sea Essence International Festival) returns, the fifth edition of the first international festival dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the sea and its essence. At the centre, the theme ‘Transitions’ with the need to integrate the ecological transition into new environmental, economic and social balances.

The backdrop to the event will be Marciana Marina, an ancient fishing village on the Island of Elba which, in the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago, represents a privileged observation point of the sea and its themes. Organized by the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation and by Acqua dell’Elba – Società Benefit, in 2022 the event received the endorsement of the Decade of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development of the United Nations (2021-2030) and in 2023 it obtained the patronage of the Tuscany Region, Legambiente, Ispra, Asvis, Iulm University, Brera Academy of Fine Arts, Municipality of Portoferraio, Municipality of Campo nell’Elba, Municipality of Porto Azzurro, Tuscan Archipelago National Park, VisitElba, Federparchi.

The leitmotif of Seif 2023 will therefore be the ‘Transitions’ theme. The intent is to deepen reflections, proposals and projects designed to achieve the sustainability objectives of the 2030 Agenda and apply them to the marine and island ecosystem, whose peculiarities can open up new challenges and opportunities at national and international level. Italy, by geographical conformation, economic tradition, history and culture, can lead the way to a true sustainable revolution that starts from the sea: the 2023 edition of Seif will focus on this, with workshops, meetings, evenings in theme and performances.

“Through Seif, we want to restore the centrality of the sea, starting with a renewed commitment from the economy, politics and society and promoting the protection of its environment, its biodiversity and its species as well as its beauty, its history and its contribution to the growth of cultures and societies”, explains Fabio Murzi, president of the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation.

Seif 2023 is in fact characterized by being a multifaceted event, which aims to reveal the depths of the essence of the sea and to bring out all its souls through a multidisciplinary approach that involves the voices of history, economics, the arts, anthropology , culture, politics, music, cinema, society. The role of the sea in climate change will therefore be addressed, but also the value of the Blue Economy for Italy and for the entire Mediterranean basin, up to the point of telling the sea from a cultural and social point of view, thanks also to the stories of those who he navigates it and lives it every day. The festival will be spread over three days and includes educational and recreational activities for children but also experiences for adults on issues of the sea and its protection and enhancement, in-depth seminars and themed evenings with music and exhibitions.

Friday June 30th the Environmental Transition will be at the center: witness of climate change but at the same time protagonist for our Planet and our life on Earth, the sea must be protected. Saturday 1st July particular attention will be paid to the Economic Transition: the Blue Economy model aims to create a sustainable economic system through technological innovation and the development of physical principles. Sunday 2nd Julyfocus on Social Transition: the sea is also the stories of people and peoples.

Furthermore, for the 2023 edition, there will be a rich calendar of preparatory appointments that will take place between April and June to anticipate and accompany the traditional festival appointments and which will be an opportunity to talk about the initiatives that the Acqua dell’Elba Foundation is carrying out on the territory of Elba, starting with the news regarding education with the direct involvement of the island’s schools. The developments of the ‘La Via dell’Essenza’ project will also be shown which, in collaboration with the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, is creating the coastal path of the Island of Elba.