Selena Gomez dazzles with her natural beauty and shows off her curves

Since the beginning of his career, for some strange reason, the appearance of Selena Gomez It has been a topic of conversation and debate to the extreme of delirium.

Unfortunately, the multiple criticisms and opinions that Selena Gomez has received about her body have not only caused her episodes of anxiety and depression, but also, at times she went to the extreme of liquidating her networks in order not to have to deal with the comments. negatives.

Perhaps most terrifying is the realization that many of Selena’s physical changes have to do with lupus and the treatment she needs to treat the symptoms.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the body’s immune system, which normally protects the body from infection and disease. In lupus, the immune system becomes overactive and attacks healthy tissues and organs in the body, causing inflammation and damage.

Fortunately, the American singer and actress said that she is in a new stage of life, in which she has not stopped radiating self-esteem and shows that she loves herself as she is.

She posed without makeup as a lesson in self-love

After Selena announced on March 14 that she would close her social media profiles, the Baila conmigo interpreter surprised her followers by sharing a couple of selfies on her Instagram account in which she appears natural, without a single drop of make-up. Those photos didn’t take long to go viral.

The text with which he accompanied the photo was “Violet chemistry” and labeled Miley Cyrus as a form of support for her most recently released record album titled Endless Summer Vacationin which the singer talks about self-love.

Selena posed with her voluminous disheveled hair, her natural face and a pronounced neckline that already has more than 23 million hearts.